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Once upon a time eight fools with too much time on their hands founded a small alliance called the Seven Kingdoms. They thought it would be a miracle to last ten months. As of today, it has lasted ten years. A decade of nation sims later, it is now time to move on. Politics and War in particular has been a roller coaster for us. We’ve been the elite of the elite, the bottom of the barrel, and everything in between. Through it all we pushed ahead with a song and a scroll and maybe even a leak or three, but now our time here is coming to an end. With many of our members leaving the game to pursue other interests, we are closing this chapter of SK history. As we move on from PW, The Seven Kingdoms will transition into a more general gaming community - the story of SK is still far from over. In-game, the alliance will remain as a closed retirement community protected by TKR, until our last members choose to leave. Those of us who were still interested in PW have found new homes at other alliances, and I wish them the best. Lastly I want to thank TKR for all the help they have given us over the past two years. They have been so much more than just an ally, and many of them have been as important to this community as our own members. To them, to all our members past and present, and to all other allies and enemies who have left their mark on SK over the years - thank you. It’s been fun. What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger. o/ SK[/spoiler

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