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Anun Tidera

Poll #274 - Time Travel

Eras, not specific years  

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  1. 1. If you could go back to any era of human history, where would you go back?

    • Hunter-gatherer era (Before around 10000 BCE)
    • Birth of agriculture and civilizations (around 10000 - 8th century BCE)
    • Classical Era (8th century BCE - 6th century CE)
    • Middle ages (6th century - mid-15th century CE)
    • Renaissance and Enlightenment (mid-15th century - mid 18th century CE)
    • Industrial Revolutions/Victorian Era (mid 18th century - 1914 CE)
    • World Wars (1914 - 1945 CE)
    • Cold War (1945 - 1991 CE)
    • Sometime after the Cold War (1991 CE - present)

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1 hour ago, Gandalf said:

Who would willing time travel to a time before porn 

On the internet or in general? There might have been pornographic magazines before the internet that were pretty much solely dedicated to pornography. I think Playboy had decent writing in articles about other topics. It was just the covers that were risque.

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