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Fighting a losing global war like a boss

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Hey guys, 

I'll write a bit about things that have bugging me a bit so that newer people could catch up in fighting. See the biggest issue we face in this war is in the coloumn "net". It is calculated by how much damage you have done minus how much damage you have taken. I won't name and shame and not go any lower with the list to negative numbers, but all of SK has done negative 11 billion. We've lost $11 billion more than we've made the enemy pay for it. That's awful numbers. How can we improve it? Quite generally shift your focus and mindset to monetry numbers. Don't waste resources while make the enemy pay for his.

TL;DR: Don't buy tanks, planes, ships and infra. Just declare as many raids as you can. You'll be fine.


  • Declare offensive wars. Despite having 3 defensive wars you can still declare offensive wars. If the enemy nation is on grey and inactive he is unlikely to defend himself. If he has 0 soldiers you will make your daily soldiers buy (cheap), do your attacks against him (no munitions, also cheap). Then you just sit back and see how other nations attacking you will kill all your soldiers. They will spend much more munitions and gasoline than you (good!).
  • If the enemy has no navy, save up 12 military action points and buy 1 ship. 1 ship only! Do 3 naval attacks worth 42 resistance points! Then you will sit back and see how the other enemy nations will use munitions and gasoline for 100 navy ships to kill your 1 ship. :D
  • When in beige buy max soldiers, skip the tanks and stuff. Team up with one or two more SK members in your range and you can bring down one enemy nation with full soldiers. When good raids are hard to find or some enemy has 2000 infra it is good tactic. 
    • If in mid war you happen to need a lot larger number of soldiers then on day 1 buy only 10 000 soldiers. With that do the easy raids against enemies with no soldiers.
    • Just before the update buy max soldiers and just after the update buy max soldiers again. Effectively you should have 60% of your max soldiers. 
  • When picking an enemy you can opt for two goals:
    • Making damage. If enemy has 1500+ infrastructure go for attrition. You will focus on taking out his infra. Alternatively you can find some rare nations that have no barracks (soldiers) and only tanks. Then you attack their tanks making them cry as they spend their steel. For example: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=190403 (Yeah my bad on that one, I noticed it too late).
    • Looting an enemy. If they have no valuable infra, then just attack them for the goal of winning the war as cheaply and fast as possible. Take the loot. The following example won't seem much at first, but it is 2-3 million profit. 
      • Livonian Confederacy won the war and looted $0, 0 Coal, 443 Oil, 0 Uranium, 0 Iron, 0 Bauxite, 441 Lead, 203 Gasoline, 331 Munitions, 6 Steel, 31 Aluminum, and 0 Food. Aetherium Benevolentia also lost 4.2% of the infrastructure in each of their cities.
  • When you have brought your inactive targets down to 0 resistance you will kill 3-5% of their infra. If the enemy nation has over 1000 infra it is good damage! You will also loot them. After that just put the spoils of war into SK bank. 
  • If you are unable to put money into bank due to blockade:
    • You can have roughly 1 million on hand which enemy can not loot. Anything above that will be stolen.
    • So just buy so much land for your random city as you can and leave the last 1 million on hand for fighting.
    • You will avoid monetry loss and invest into your nation's future. 



  • Do not waste money. If you're not blockaded keep as much as possible in SK bank. Otherwise it will be stolen, you've noticed it already. 
  • Do not buy tanks, planes or ships unless absolutely needed. 2000 tanks cost 1000 steel, which in return costs 4 million in monetry value. It's not worth losing 4 million on steel every day.
  • Do not buy infrastructure unless you're extreamly low. One thing is to buy from 200 infra to 600 infra in your cities. For 10 cities it would cost 3,5 million and enable you to buy soldiers. However jumping from 200 infra per city to 1150 infra per city will cost you 23 million. You will not make any additional gains from that, however you will lose that investment in a week! 
  • Do not focus on the war you can not win. Look at some cases here
    • Alyster https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=163805&display=war
    • Sezkan Yesil https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=200117&display=war 
    • People ignore the defensive wars completely and focus on easy offensive wars to do damage.
    • In defensive wars against larger enemy nations by doing nothing the enemy is spending more money, because they have to pay for ammunitions and gasoline. On the following screenshot you see I lost 1,3 million in monetry value, while the enemy lost 9,6 million. By doing nothing, not having anything valuebale to lose (tanks, infra, planes) this war was more profitable to SK than the enemy. Despite it being a loss. 
    • FXMJ0Q.md.png%C2%A0
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