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[POLL #199] Trump VS Biden US 2nd Presidential Debate

[POLL #199] Trump VS Biden US 2nd Presidential Debate  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Biden's Tax Rate! Do you agree with it?

  2. 2. From what you have taken from the first debate, who are you rooting for now?

    • Donald Trump
    • Joe Biden
    • I have not watched the first Presidential Debate

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Biden's tax rates has changed some people's votes, a popular influencer going by the name of KeemStar has changed his vote publicity and now is voting for Donald Trump, I feel if Biden does not explain his tax changes in full context where people can take it there is a chance but he also has 1 problem which is Donald Trump interrupting the fuck out of Biden.

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16 minutes ago, alyster said:

Who the fuck is KeemStar and why are we listening to him about politics? It's like listening to Nicki Minaj on history of Anglo-Chinese trade history. 

Not saying we should be listening to him but his audience is going to lol.

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