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The British Republic - Revolutionary Republic of Vaukria Economic Agreement

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An announcement from the British Republics Foreign Ministry

Cabinet Minister John Clarke: "I am happy to announce a new economic agreement with the Revolutionary Republic of Vaukria. We have long enjoyed close relations through our similar ideological leanings, and our economic assistance to them shows our continued closeness. 

The British Republic also hopes this will further advance both of our nations wishes to form a transnational bloc focused on trade, security and economic stability throughout Orbis."

Prime Minister -Bradley- of the British Republic had this to say: "The British Republic has a long and successful partnership with Vaukria. I am happy to see this agreement signed, and hope to continue working with Yugi to fulfil our ambitions of a global bloc to discuss and confront the issues that effect us all."


BABC NEWS: This agreement is a huge hallmark in the relations between the two countries. It is expected that much of the loan from the British Republic will be used for infrastructure improvements - something Vaukria has been struggling with for sometime. 

Both the Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister hinted at a global bloc. This agreement will surely make this more likely, but we are yet to hear further details.

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Director of Foreign Affairs, Teodoro Velasquez:

"We would like to thank the British Republic for their kindness and generosity in the new economic agreement. I hope this will not only be another mark for the display of the strong and longstanding Vaukrian-British relationship, but also the mark of the beginning of a new path which will further bring our nations closer to prosperity and peace."


President Yugi Romande:

"I am grateful to be working alongside with Prime Minister Bradley in the signing of this new agreement, for our two nations share mutual interests for improving the quality of life for our citizens and also bolstering strong and sustainable economic growth. This is merely the start of a path with many agreements to come for the establishment of a new global bloc which shall represent our aspirations for Peace, Security, Stability, and Unity."



Vaukrian Central News Agency:

The President mentioned in a Press briefing upon returning from signing the new economic agreement that the loan of $90 Million received from the British Republic will be used fully for the National Infrastructure Enhancement Program which is the largest infrastructure plan in the nations history. The Director and The President both stated their hopes for a new global bloc, something many citizens look forward to in the years to come.

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