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Great British Republic - General Election time!

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Great British Republic: Early General Election called


SKY NEWS: There was shock today as Prime Minister -Bradley- called an early general election, amidst power struggles in the Peoples Cabinet. It is only the second general election in the republics history, having been formed just 9 years ago. The Grand Constitution mandates an election should be held every 5 years, although can be earlier if the Prime Minister deems it necessary.


It comes after two Finance Ministers and the Secretary of State for Housing Development resigned over the weekend in protest at the PM's fiscal strategy. -Bradley- has embarked on aggressive expansion, and the country has borrowed over a billion in the last 4 months alone, in part to rebuild from War. The PM has often used the global downturn, particularly soaring prices of oil, uranium and coal as justification for this borrowing. However, it has not convinced his own government, and his gamble might not convince the people. Speaking at the steps of Number 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister had this to say:


"For too long, unelected officials have attempted to undermine your vote. Despite my best efforts, malign, power hungry individuals have sent this government and the Republic into disarray. They claim it's about my fiscal strategy - but don't be fooled. They are agents of the exiled Monarch - the enemy of the people and friends of the rich!

I am calling this general election to get us back on track. You trusted me 4 years ago with the job of Prime Minister of the British Republic. I urge you - trust me again."

The Prime Minister has a tough road ahead. He is level with the opposition, Conservative leader and monarchist James Campbell. His opposition is not his own government, although it's hard not to see this as a power play of his own. PM -Bradley- knows that if he wins, particularly with a large majority in the Peoples Assembly, he will have the power to silence his critics for good.


His has scheduled the election for the 20th May, pending the Electoral Commissions approval. 


We are waiting for a comment by the Conservative Party.

Edited by -Bradley-

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UPDATE FROM SKY NEWS: Leader of the Conservative Party, James Campbell, said this:


"For too long, the Prime Minister has taken this country for a ride.

It is time to unleash Britain from the messy fiscal rules of this Communist government. It is time to end this disgraced experiment and return the Monarchy from their exiled homes in Canada!

So let me make this clear. We will be campaigning to return The Great British Republic to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with the Monarchy restored as the head of state. This failed experiment has gone on long enough."


It's unclear how Campbell's promises would be implemented, but we are in for a long and divisive campaign.

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BABC NEWS: We are just 48 hours away from the electorate casting its verdict on the politics of the British Republic. The Workers Party and the Conservatives are tied in the opinion polls, which is symbolises the divisions within society.


PM -Bradley- had this to say at a rally earlier today in London:


"We can either carry on debating the past with the Conservatives under James Campbell, or we can march forward with the Workers Party at the helm making sure this Republic works for the many, not the few.

For too long, the age-old establishment has been working against me. I have not delivered on everything I have promised, but if you send me back to the Peoples Assembly with a strong majority I will deliver. 

Lets move forward, heal our divisions and continue to fix the ills in society".


Opposition leader James Campbell said in response: "His ramblings are simply a distraction from the internal differences within his own Party. If he is unable to govern his Party effectively, how on earth can we be expected to believe he can govern a country? I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's time to end the in-fighting, end this failed communist experiment and get that bumbling, half arsed jumped up jelly out of office now!"


With just under 48 hours to go, are we heading to a decisive victory for either -Bradley- or Campbell? Or are we heading towards a stalemate that will fracture the very core the Republics politics? Time will tell. Join us here at BABC News for the results.

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BABC NEWS: General Election Results

Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 00.48.32.png


Politics editor, Hew Cameron: Here we have it, the public have casts their votes, and they have given a damming verdict. They have decided that the Prime Minister will no longer have a majority in the Peoples Assembly. Equally so, they have decided that no single party will have a majority. The opinion polls had been close, but no political analyst I have spoken to seriously considered this would happen.

What we shouldn't forget is that the Republic has been divided for decades over its future, and the split away from the Monarchy did not heal those divisions. The Conservative Party were promising to take Britain back to the days of the Monarchy, while the Workers Party wanted to push the Republic into a new era of unity. The British Republic said no to both. 

As for what happens now -  PM Bradley will remain in post, and will seek a coalition with other link minded parties. It is thought that he is reaching out to the British Socialist Party tonight, and plans to build a coalition with The Freedom Party and the Green Radicals. He needs 350 seats for a majority. Link minded parties account for 355 of all seats. He will need them all on board to continue has PM.

Here are the results:


Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 00.41.56.png


Join us again soon for a statement from both party leaders.

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