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Role Play Rules and Regulations!

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Seven Kingdoms Nation Role Playing


Welcome to Seven Kingdoms nation PR section. Below are the rules!

  • Posts should be related to your Politics and War nation. 
  • We are operating in the world of Orbis. So keep your posts confined to Orbis related stuff. Mention of, and indeed stories on Orbis stuff is perfectly acceptable as long as it is adapted and suitable to the spirit of RP.
  • You can refer to Seven Kingdoms, and other alliances. However, these are just that: alliances. Don't confuse the line between alliance and nation.
  • You can be as in-depth as you like. To keep things interesting, each post requires a minimum of 50 words. 
  • You can role play a news conference/broadcast. Just be sure to make clear who you are. Are you commenting/telling the story of what's been going on in your nation? Are you doing a news segment or writing a newspaper article on a government scandal? Are you delivering a speech as your leader on global economic affairs? Make it clear!
  • Commenting on threads is perfectly fine. Be sure to make clear whether you're in character or not.
  • Flags don't have to match your in-game flag. Just be consistent/announce flag changes.
  • Finally, have fun!

I'm open to adding, removing or amending rules. Just comment below on this thread!

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