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Jean Parisot of Knights Hospitaller

02:00:39: <Grandmaster_J> Hi Cow, rumor has it you're the guy I'm supposed to bug about an interview/academy?

02:03:19: <Cow[sK]> I couldn't possibly know what you're talking about ;)
02:04:03: <Grandmaster_J> Is there anything I can do to jog your memory?
02:04:17: <Grandmaster_J> perhaps a few george washingtons :)
02:04:56: <Grandmaster_J> in-game currency of course
02:05:12: <Grandmaster_J> lol
02:05:22: <Cow[sK]> What's your ingame name?
02:05:27: <Grandmaster_J> I'm Jean Parisot
02:05:31: <Cow[sK]> ah
02:05:34: <Cow[sK]> That makes sense
02:05:40: <Grandmaster_J> applicant
02:05:46: <Cow[sK]> Alright
02:05:48: <Cow[sK]> Let's do this
02:05:51: <Grandmaster_J> may go back to my nation name on IRC though
02:05:53: <Grandmaster_J> okay
02:06:01: <Cow[sK]> Why did you apply to SK?
02:06:19: <Grandmaster_J> Saw your recruiting thread in the forum
02:06:39: <Grandmaster_J> something about being kickass, having a good community
02:06:46: <Grandmaster_J> seemed fun :)
02:07:17: <Grandmaster_J> Also you guys seemed pretty experienced and I wanted to learn to play the game with some folks who knew what they were doing
02:07:24: <Grandmaster_J> and join an active community
02:07:46: <Grandmaster_J> not to mention GoT is an awesome theme
02:08:48: <Cow[sK]> It is indeed
02:09:11: <Cow[sK]> What do you expect from SK?
02:10:24: <Grandmaster_J> Ideally some education, some involvement with a good community, practice in warring, defending allies etc
02:11:29: <Grandmaster_J> that
02:11:38: <Grandmaster_J> that's the main things anyway
02:11:56: <Grandmaster_J> the community was the big part
02:12:34: <Cow[sK]> Interesting
02:13:13: <Grandmaster_J> This is mostly a result of being part of a micro in CN with a very limited community lol
02:13:21: <Grandmaster_J> well inactive anyway
02:13:30: <Cow[sK]> Have you played any other nation sims and, if you were in an alliance (or whatever it's equivalent) what position were you in?
02:14:34: <Grandmaster_J> I have, played Nation States for a while but was pretty boring. Still play Cybernations however its a much slower paced game, which was part of the reason why I was drawn to P&W
02:14:51: <Grandmaster_J> In CN I have done recruiting and IA for the most part for a micro
02:15:09: <Grandmaster_J> with some diplomat stuff thrown in however no serious FA work
02:15:31: <Grandmaster_J> mostly just hanging out in other alliance forums/IRC for goodwill
02:16:06: <Cow[sK]> Okay
02:17:02: <Cow[sK]> For new members of our alliance, we require that you join a department and help out
02:17:33: <Cow[sK]> If you had your choice (with your obvious preference for IA), what department would you work for?
02:18:04: <Grandmaster_J> probably some sort of IA
02:18:17: <Grandmaster_J> however I don't mind switching it up either if that is neccesary
02:18:26: <Grandmaster_J> I'm pretty flexible
02:19:49: <Grandmaster_J> but my preference would probably be either econ or IA
02:20:16: <Cow[sK]> I'ms ure I could find someplace in IA for you
02:20:37: <Cow[sK]> Alright, I think that's it
02:20:43: <Cow[sK]> Other than the most important question
02:20:54: <Cow[sK]> But first
02:21:01: <Cow[sK]> I'll be sending you the exam shortly
02:21:25: <Grandmaster_J> okay
02:21:42: <Cow[sK]> Just a heads up, some of the questions may have answers that are not easily findable
02:22:05: <Cow[sK]> So, have fun!
02:22:12: <Grandmaster_J> Sounds good!
02:22:14: <Cow[sK]> Anyways, the most important question
02:22:14: <Grandmaster_J> lol
02:22:26: <Cow[sK]> Who is your favorite character in GoT?
02:22:42: <Grandmaster_J> oh Jeez, tough question
02:23:22: <Grandmaster_J> As sinister as he can be sometimes probably Tywin Lannister (please forgive the spelling)
02:23:34: <Grandmaster_J> He does whatever is neccesary to do what is neccesary
02:23:37: <Grandmaster_J> he's always in control
02:23:47: <Grandmaster_J> and while he may seem cruel he keeps stability in the kingdom
02:24:03: <Grandmaster_J> plus he's pretty badass
02:24:06: <Cow[sK]> and you haven't seen the end of the 4th season?
02:24:17: Cow[sK] so I don't reveal spoilers
02:24:24: <Grandmaster_J> I have seen everything up to the finale
02:24:30: <Grandmaster_J> but not the last episode
02:24:37: <Cow[sK]> You should watch it
02:24:52: <Grandmaster_J> hopefully either tonight or tomorrow :)
02:25:10: <Cow[sK]> Alrighty
02:25:13: <Cow[sK]> That's everything
02:25:17: <Cow[sK]> I'll send the exam tonight
02:25:31: <Grandmaster_J> okay
02:25:35: <Grandmaster_J> via the forum?
02:25:50: <Cow[sK]> yep
02:25:57: <Grandmaster_J> okay
02:29:56: <Cow[sK]> sent
02:34:12: <Grandmaster_J> got it
02:34:14: <Grandmaster_J> thanks!
02:34:27: <Cow[sK]> wait
02:34:29: <Cow[sK]> one more question
02:34:46: <Cow[sK]> Were you in any other alliances in P&W before you applied for SK?
02:36:38: <Grandmaster_J> I applied to VoC, however after a few days of hearing nothing back I decided to rescind my application and apply here instead
02:36:52: <Grandmaster_J> Turns out I applied on a forum that they no longer use lol
02:37:06: <Grandmaster_J> but I didn't mind after I did some further research on the in-game forums
02:37:20: <Cow[sK]> Why'd you choose VoC originally?
02:37:39: <Grandmaster_J> It was one of the bigger alliances and I'm a history nerd
02:38:04: <Grandmaster_J> Pretty much just wanted to get in with some one quick to figure out what I was doing
02:38:16: <Grandmaster_J> I applied pretty much as soon as I made an account
02:38:25: <Grandmaster_J> which was kinda dumb
02:38:34: <Grandmaster_J> but it ended up working out :)
02:39:48: <Grandmaster_J> I definitely don't regret coming over here instead, if you check out my application thread you'll get why haha
02:40:35: <Cow[sK]> Yes, Emily can be quite... abrasive
02:42:17: <Grandmaster_J> Putting forth a great impression on new prospective members lol
02:42:35: <Grandmaster_J> well not prospective at that point
02:42:40: <Grandmaster_J> I thought it was kinda funny actually
03:01:46: <Grandmaster_J> well goodnight Cow, and thanks!

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