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New Pacific Order (Protectorate - Void; replaced by Sentinel Accords)

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Seven Kingdoms, an elite group of pilots drifting through space. Their expertise in combat was unquestioned in the entire Galaxy. Among their numbers were many pilots with years of combat experience and training. No force had stood in their way and survived, truly they were the galaxies greatest warriors.

After the destruction of the first Death Star, the New Pacific Order splintered from the main Imperial fleet and was dragged into another galaxy. Here they quickly began looking for aid from those who they could find in this new Galaxy while they gained their bearings. When the Seven Kingdoms heard of this there was no question, they would answer New Pacific Order’s call.

Thus the Seven Kingdoms regrouped with the New Pacific Orders fleet. Staunch allies to the hardened Corps of the New Pacific Order.

Article I
       New Pacific Order and Seven Kingdoms agree to refrain from any mutual “aggressive negotiations†between fleets.

Article II
       New Pacific Order and Seven Kingdoms agree to share any information gathered from captured Bothan spies pertinent to the security and stability of either fleet.

Article III
       New Pacific Order and Seven Kingdoms agree to supply any power converters, or R2 units necessary for the growth of the other fleet.


Article IV
     If the New Pacific Order’s fleet is attacked, the Seven Kingdoms will lock their s-foils into attack position. If someone comes to collect a debt on the Seven Kingdoms, the New Pacific Order is not required to launch any TIE fighters to their defense.

Article V
       As long as this document is in effect, the New Pacific Order will not take on any other contracts with another fleet without the approval of Seven Kingdoms.

Article VI
       Either fleet may cancel this treaty at any time. The Treaty will be considered void 96 hours after notice of cancellation is given.

Signed at Dragonstone, January the Sixth, Two-Thousand and Sixteen:


Seven Kingdoms
Valdoroth Kai, Duke of House Drox, Hand of the King for the Seven Kingdoms on behalf of King Tenages of House Baratheon.


New Pacific Order

Frawley, Glorious Emperor of the New Pacific Order

Rhece, Imperial Regent and FA

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