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Found 1 result

  1. UPDATE Catan is now on steam and out of beta, making this tutorial kind of obsolete unless you hate steam for some reason. Here is the link http://store.steampowered.com/app/544730/Catan_Universe/ As of writing this, it seems like all of the expansions and 'good' maps are now behind a small pay-wall, whereas they used to be free. Not sure if that will change- but the base game & multiplayer are still free ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With the upcoming Catan tournament (which Val will have brackets and information on soon) I figured I would write a quick guide for those of you that are computer illiterate. Getting set up is a super easy process and this guide may be unnecessary for some (you'd be surprised, honestly), but I've translated the key bits (like registering) so that you won't have any issues. This game is extremely fun- and Catan Universe is super simple to learn and play. It also looks really good and brings a whole new depth to Setters of Catan. Settlers of Catan is a German game and the computer counterpart installation is also in German. After you get registered, the game is in English. If you just need the translations for registration go to step 5. Step 1) Download client via https://catanuniverse.com/ (You can play via browser, but it is also in german. The registration steps are basically the same for client or browser). Step 2) Run game/ installer. This works the same as every other installer ever. It will bring up an update screen with a catan background after installation is complete. The text on this screen translate to "downloading update" with time remaining and speed. Step 3) Install update. This process is largely the same as the previous step. After this installation completes, the game will be able to run. Step 4) Run game. You should see "starte catan" if your installation is complete. It will also bring up a "Catan Universe Configuration screen" which you're likely familiar with. Step 5) Click "log in" and then "register". The picture below describes what information goes in the blanks. Email, user, password and password again. Step 6) They will send you an activation code to your email. Input that and you're pretty much done. If you ever need to log in again, it's email and password that goes into the blanks. Step 7) Play the game. Notes: Registration is the same for the browser version. I recommend the client though, because the browser version has German in random places and is also significantly slower than the client. Uninstall process is exactly the same as every other program you have on your computer, but you'll have to uninstall both the client and the update. If you have any issues let me know and I can help you, but I imagine anyone who wants to play can get this figured out just fine.
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