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  1. Hell yeah lets get this shit going. Tabletop sim is amazing Also been meaning to try Halo. At-war always an old favorite since i fuckin suck at it. Also don't know what Shellshock is but id be down to play. Anyone have GTFO?
  2. Lyro

    Last post wins

    i think stillhard technically won since his was the last post
  3. Lyro

    Destiny 2 Clan

    signed up lets tear this shit up.... in 2 months
  4. I dont know how to play but I can read this to try to learn. Hit me up if u start a game. Tues and Wednesday is best for me.
  5. You know she's been planning that shit since the sept exploded.. She's like damn just come fucking attack me already I have to lay the smack down on you.
  6. Dude her death scene was amazing. 'Tell Cercei, I want her to know.' Fucking rekt.
  7. Lyro


    This is the worst topic ive ever seen
  8. This song is my jam -headbob-
  9. Tyrone hulk has entered the fight. PANTHEON GONN GET STOMPED.
  10. You're in the Tyrone zone now where everyone is Tyrone.
  11. Holy shit is that Tyrone mikey Fucking dying XD Oh man just realized codys is Tyrone too WE CANT HAVE THIS CIVIL TYRONE WAR. ALSO I AM THE THIRD TYRONE AKA BLACK WIDOW. some make me a new icon
  12. Lol well played everyone. I would have killed all of you if I hadn't capped Jean so early. Your farewell post stuck the last nail in my coffin xD.
  13. Holy fuck Gandalf that description made me almost start cracking up at work. Well done.
  14. My Dearest Cat, If you are reading this letter it means that I have died.. well more likely I have been killed. I speak to you now unbound from any obligation to secrecy. I think now of something I heard once, "There's nothing as sweet as killing." In my case I would change this slightly.. there is nothing as sweet as winning. All of my efforts and all the blood I have shed has been for you. For us, and our future. Your husband would have you think he is honorable because he has restraint; because he has will and self control. Being born into a Great house has made him, and you entitled to what you have. I have built everything in my life from nothing. Sacrificed my whole identity to raise myself from the dirt to show you I was worthy. Despite my efforts you never saw me for who I am. The image of the young wastrel orphan seems to never have left you. In creating my own destiny I have become more powerful than the Gods you worship. I will live forever. I give you one final gift, upon the eve of my death. Information. May this help you and yours keep their heads, unlike that boy of yours. To my knowledge I have never been protected by any other. The lannisters have been trying to kill me for years.. Remember me, my only love. Yours, Petyr
  15. Man you try to stop people from getting lynched and you get votes... Can't win. I've done all I can to try to prove my innocence to you guys, but it looks like it was for naught. I guess my Will will have to redeem me.
  16. I'm sad that you'd think I was a serial killer, but I can understand the logic. It pretty rare that someone gets saved twice in a row. Though maybe the other wanted me safe for some reason, I can't tell. As for who needs to be hung next, to continue the campaign against non speakers it looks like this will be an interesting one. The lannisters may try to trick us this day to kill one of our own again so keep an eye on the updates and see where the numbers are trending.
  17. Yup anyone who hasn't posted yet is going to the top of my suspicion list.
  18. That moon door is getting a lot of action. So now the mafia and serial killer are working together? Typical fuckin Littlefinger..
  19. Alright guys looks like the Lannisters are going with the popular vote. Make sure you think about who you're about to string up.
  20. Omg I want that figurine. Wow the Mafia seriously wants me dead wtf. Whoever the doctor is your game is on point not sure how you knew I would get picked again That was a cool death scene Gandalf. Always nice to hear about lannisters dying.
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