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  1. what is here but a construct force fed to us by corrupt politicians and rulers creating imaginary lines between inches of dirt
  2. Lyro

    Poll #52 - Continents

    Europe still exists Callum, you've just left the Union lol I live on Antarctica with the penguins
  3. Yeah the death penalty is pretty stupid. It makes sense in certain cases but on a whole its not even used for its intended purposes since they hardly ever even execute people anymore, and just let them sit and rot in uncertainty and solitude for decades on death row. The whole prison system in the US is fucked, so giving the people who create those conditions the power to take peoples lives is a bit scary since they're actually dumb as shit. Police creating evidence, and uneducated citizens convicting based off of racism most of the time.
  4. Lyro

    SK Trivia

    Yeah im down for Trivia.. Ill fuck all you up at Harry Potter trivial pursuit as the reigning champion.
  5. what kind of fucking savage puts on sock, shoe , sock, shoe
  6. Yeah water goes on before and after you put toothpaste on it. This is the way.
  7. ill be your dad
  8. blake has vaguely harry potter glasses also blake the bastard sounds awesome
  9. The Last Jedi was a great movie, but it was not a Star Wars movie. Also, I fucking love Return of the Jedi.
  10. CA:TWS is top 3 MCU movies of all time for me so definitely that one. GOTG 1 is up pretty high as well. Good week this week.
  11. I am innnn for this
  12. Lyro

    Poll #25 - Age!

    Nice try Google. JK they already know everything about me. And yes great year to turn 30 for me as well lol...
  13. Been jamming this since it was in Westworld episode 4
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