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  1. This game is trash and has been really hard to even pay attention to for a while. The community remains the only part worth anything, so a new game would be great- otherwise, if there's an active core who wants to keep the AA alive that's fine as well, but staying engaged is extremely low priority for me at least, as the mechanics and pay to win style the game is in right now is not fun at all.
  2. fortnite is annoying but its not a bad game. totally changed video games forever, for better or worse. as far as FO76, no one gives a fuck about that game.
  3. If people are using Taxes as an excuse on who to vote for in this election then they have really fucked up priorities.
  4. Fuck you stole my joke lmao
  5. A million dollars isn't that much money anymore, maybe for 10 million?
  6. Lol whats with all these violent ass polls. I wont have you fucking profiling me officer. I would not kidnap anyone no sireee
  7. Lyro

    [POLL #185] Jobs

    I would like to be a professional Clown, so I can get paid for something I do anyway.
  8. As long as you keep one bullet for yourself you can use the other ones however you want.
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