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  1. my body hurts, new music bothers me, I eat the same damn oatmeal breakfast every morning and I'm having a hard time remembering anything. I think im old
  2. Has anyone read them? I've only read the 1st one. It was entertaining though!
  3. I should have known by your use of "favourite". also RULE BRITTANNIA
  4. Patriotism keeps me from making the objectively correct call. USA USA USA
  5. I missed Thursday but I'll go with Saints, Colts, Eagles, Falcons, Titans, Rams, Jaguars, Seahawks, Cardinals, Cowboys, Raiders, Lions
  6. Im still down for this, hit me up on discord
  7. It worries me that most of the characters people tend to like are mostly on the same team. I feel like we are going to lose a good many of them. Euron is an absolute nut. He is also very goal driven, so if he ever attains his goal of gaining the iron throne I'm not sure what would be next, hopefully not something too psychotic....Looking more and more like the north will be overrun soon. Hopefully Bran meets up with Sansa in the next episode. Also hopefully littlefinger doesn't fuck everything up for the north by somehow being a creep and stabbing everyone in the back or something
  8. I'm good for Sunday nights
  9. Jean Parisot


    hm ok. I will definitely try to conquer Mexico and then Peru. Currently colonizing Panama so that will give me a good jumping of point for Peru and I already have holdings in the Yucatan. I will hike tariffs as soon as I can, I think they are at like 20% currently. I'm probably gonna have to send some troops into the Kongo and wipe out the natives so I can get a stopping point between Cape Verde and the Indies.
  10. Jean Parisot


    Well I think my plan is pretty fatally flawed as I completely ignored Africa and now the only colonies I can get there are along the coast which are both well populated and aggressive, Castille took all the nice easy to conquer islands. Managed to get enough colonies in Brazil to get a colonial nation and the Caribbean will become one soon as well. I won a war with one of the central american powers and got a couple provinces there too. Unfortunately the three colonies I have going are costing 6 ducats every month, which while the minimum since i have 3 colonists it's making me only able to make money at all when I defund the military completely. Not sure where to go other than hoping eventually my colonies and colonial nations will give me a larger trade income... seems I should probably take part of Africa. I think I messed up haha
  11. Jean Parisot


    I have not yet because of the difficulty of colonizing over there, do you think I should? I have mainly been focusing on Brazil and Haiti and was planning on grabbing as much good land in the Caribbean as possible and then moving over into central america, although I'm not sure how feasible that is
  12. Jean Parisot


    Got into the tail end of the hundred years war thanks to England which killed my entire army and put me like 300 gold in debt. Took about 15 years to recover from that but I promptly allied Castile after and dropped my England alliance, should have done that right at the outset like you said XD. Castille ate Granada before I could get to it but I was able to eat part of Morocco whilst beginning colonies in cape verde and then Brazil and Haiti. So Far I'm the only one there, I was thinking about allying one of the Central American powers are trying to bring down and eat their enemies with my new ally's help. I've never done the colonial thing before so I'm still learning lol
  13. Jean Parisot


    I just started a game as Portugal because I've never done the colonial part of the game before. I'm only at like 1500 so far with mixed results. Bit the bullet and allied Castille pretty much the whole game so far. I thought the Ottomans was a good one to start, they are one of the easier nations to play from what I understand and they can grow in a number of directions.
  14. Jean Parisot


    I am pretty bad but I play every now and again and would be up for something like that
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