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  1. I am more than happy to continue playing P&W as i enjoy playing the game very well, as for SK i have had interest in government positions but i can not guarantee that i can put in the time due to rl so i never really bothered to apply, i do hope SK continues but i fully understand people wat to move on with their interests ad games like this and CN are a slow paced entertainment rather than other games and the complex systems can be a full time job, if people want to move on then good luck to those that want to go.
  2. Of course humans should be extinct, I've been helping the process along although i have hit a snag as to where to hide the body's, any suggestions?
  3. Unsure, I will wait until others have had it before I decide to get it myself.
  4. If WW3 came about, everyone would be fucked well before people chose to join or not, Russia has 11k nukes and if they or anyone else choose to detonate just one..... the results would be beyond measure.
  5. I only have one family member left alive and I really don't like the bastard.
  6. Hermit, I am so sick of the news I have rewound the clock back to 1999....
  7. A rather large sneeze in their direction followed by the words "Sorry, I am self isolating" then quickly close the door and hope no one is recording. (joke) tbh, I wont answer the door at all.
  8. Join the English army and tour around France. (first choice) Kill Christopher Columbus so he would not discover route to Americas. Thus avoiding Trump being the president. (second choice) Hide my sinful ass from the inquisition (third choice) I would pick all three and enjoy life before I invent things to get me rich and retire famous, and marry into a royal family just for kicks
  9. I don't care enough to know there was a war going on in the first place.
  10. I would ask what dose s/he want and if s/he says looking for cash I would help look, other than that I would have to find a way to hide a body, any suggestions?
  11. some people just want to watch the world burn (and everything else)
  12. The invisibility pill for me, low risk and a trip to the bank and I am sorted for life.
  13. Being able to gain and lose land in wars, not great chunks but something at least.
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