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  1. Poll idea Which alliance should be declare war on despite treaty's and agreements? If you had the chance to save a life of gain a million pounds/dollars which would you do? Which harry potter book is your favourite? Which came first, the tick or the tock in a clock?
  2. As a bit of an introvert my vote must be to be rich, fame can go f**k itself.
  3. @carvell v @CuppyCakeYums carvell wins
  4. carvell

    Poll #77 - Chips

    I clicked other due to the fact that my local McDonald's only sells chips when they have cooked them last week, reheated them and then left them cold before serving, the rest are not near to where I live and I don't think Wendy's are in the UK at all after they left in the year 2000.
  5. Communicate with all animals would soon turn you into a vegetarian if you think about it, the last thing you need is a cow to ask you why you ate his/her mother last Sunday.
  6. carvell

    Poll #68 - Voting

    In some country's you can join the military at 16 but you can't vote until 18 so the vote age should be lowered. (I live in UK btw) outlaws/prisoners lose their rights when they break the law and thus should always lose the right to affect law abiding folk by not being able to vote at all and it should last a few years after they leave jail so they can earn it back by being a good citizen. Voting done over a few days dose seem tempting but having it all done on one day makes things simpler and strait forward, I am torn on this one but doing it on one day gets it over with and cost less as having to pay and protect the ballot boxes over day are resources that are needed elsewhere.
  7. carvell

    Poll #64 - Chess

    You didn't win, we let you all believe that so you can feel good about yourselves and not bother us, we had other things to be getting on with.
  8. Sign me up, I've been practicing.
  9. carvell

    Poll #53 - Aliens

    If we are not alone in the universe then who's been probing me every other month?
  10. I voted No as the American voting public can't be that daft, and remember when presidents get a second term they tend not to care much about what happens next as their political career hits a dead end.
  11. Which came first, chicken or the egg? are you pro gun or anti gun? Do you think Trump will get a second term, yes or no? Do any none earth life forms exist, yes or no?
  12. carvell

    Poll #44 - Cereal

    First the coco pops, then the milk, then sugar followed by opening a can of larger first thing in the afternoon. a real healthy start to the day.
  13. I played a very long time ago but lost interest in it for some reason or another, I totally forgot about it until now.
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