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  1. I don't know how Americans can stand to have people like Trump in office with his past deeds, he gets elected on lies and hype and makes America worse than it was before he got voted in, he makes no sense on speeches and twitter and people won't hear a word against him even though he's a idiot.
  2. The invisibility pill for me, low risk and a trip to the bank and I am sorted for life.
  3. Being able to gain and lose land in wars, not great chunks but something at least.
  4. Full blown Democracy, that way nothing gets done and everyone get blamed for something
  5. Haven't got around to watching them yet, ask me again next decade.
  6. carvell

    [POLL #160] Showering

    I don't shower, I have a bath every morning (except on days ending with y)
  7. Google is just too good at its job, the others just don't measure up.
  8. Have to agree with Callum, the wait and see policy would work best
  9. Traitors should be shot on sight, and shot again for good measure.
  10. Rather I lose me foot than me hand, it has plenty of uses like typing and holding onto things that (give me pleasure ) can not be done one handed.
  11. It doesn't matter who you vote for the government always wins. Other than that 4 more years of Trump is just asking for trouble, if you think he doesn't give a shit now what will happen over the next 4 years when's he's not worried about what comes after.
  12. Almost the same, I do go out but rarely these days and not just because of covid19, plus being an introvert is a pain when job hunting.
  13. Nothing at all, its just bragging rights for your nation and a waste of resources/money.
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