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  1. I would rather go meet the drowned God than end up having all those children.
  2. I can understand 4, but consider myself fluent only in 2 of those.
  3. Die doing the hobby, a short yet happy life is worth living.
  4. I would rather give the speech, not fond of tarantulas.
  5. Hou....Seven Kingdoms of course.
  6. My dream car, since I don’t know how to fly a helicopter.
  7. By knowing when I die, I could end my life on my own terms the day prior.
  8. 1) As a ruler, is it better to be feared or loved? A: Feared B: Loved 2) Should you show mercy to your enemies? A: Yes B: No 3) Should battles be fought until the end, or should peace be sought to avoid disaster? A: Until the end B: Peace should be sought. 4) Is a good defense the best offense? A: Yes B: No 5) Should nations raid just for fun? A: Yes, argh! B: No, sigh...
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