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  1. It's Judaism, not Jewdaism, although I can perfectly see how you could have mixed that up.
  2. I would hate having to watch all my friends and loved ones die before me.
  3. I wouldn't mind playing a tournament, it sounds fun!
  4. In my country, Germany, as long as you have your parents consent you can drink at 13, but without their consent it is 16. I don't drink though, I find alcohol to be nasty, disgusting and stupid.
  5. who would prefer vegetables over fruit?
  6. 1) Best language 2) Best/favorite video game 3) Best nation's flag 4) Coolest SK person's motto 5) Best Sport (It should be soccer)
  7. Hi I am the leader of Neu Deutschlandia, and in real life I live in Germany but I spend a lot of time in the USA with some of my family. I love to play soccer and I'm really smart, but besides that I really don't do that much. I've only been playing Politics and war for about 2 months so I am fairly new. I guess that's it.
  8. Oath of Loyalty: I, Maximilian von Basel, do sincerely promise and swear that I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to His Grace the Rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms, Squeegee Blackfyre, First of His Name, and to his Designated Small Council. I swear upon Honour and Faith that I shall, to the utmost of my ability, defend His Grace and the Small Council against all Treasons and Traitorous Conspiracies which may be formed against Him or Them: And I do faithfully promise to maintain, support and defend to the utmost of my Power, the Succession of the Crown and the Alliance. I swear to bear faith and true allegiance to the Rightful Governance of the Seven Kingdoms, through adversity and in peace, in the knowledge and expectation that they shall bear faith and trust in me. I do solemnly, with Honour and Virtue forthright in my heart, profess, testify and declare that I do make this Declaration, and every Part thereof, in the plain and ordinary sense of the words of this Oath, without any Evasion, Equivocation or Reservation whatsoever. Ruler Name: Maximilian von Basel Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=211144 Why SK?: Because the alliance just seemed interesting and more alive than others Are you a former SK member?: No Previous Alliances: No If yes, which alliance(s), and why did you leave?: Do you owe any money to other alliances or individuals: No, that would be terrible Discord Username:: Schwäbisch Preußisch
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