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  1. Honestly, like a few others here, I'm really burnt out of PnW, it just doesn't feel like it used to. I'm only logging in every few days and hardly doing much when I do and I know I'm not the only one-even if we were to try to revive SK, it'd be very difficult. Perhaps calling it here would be for the best, keeping the community alive and running some game nights, maybe even jumping into another online clan-based game.
  2. Not an econ expert by a long shot, but running 100% cash, 0% resource days might be an idea. 10 in exchange for 5.5-6bil seems like the best solution to the situation, but breaking it up more would be an easier pill to swallow. Perhaps running 100% days on weekends for 5-6 weeks until the bank's healthier?
  3. What happens when an unblockable missile meets an unbeatable missile defense system, I wonder...
  4. I feel like people have always been stupid, it's just now a lot easier to see it-nothing's really changed
  5. Would love to get one going, would be really fun
  6. Last summer the roads started melting and the entire country caught on fire, I reckon Australians wouldn't be too sad about skipping next summer
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