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  1. You see I am a lover of Consantinople and Christendom so I would not vacation but use science to wow the people and fight to save it and start a Crusade to kill the Ottoman infidels!
  2. Where is knights templar also why is camelot even a choice let alone twice.
  3. Xaria would move in with you. You seem like you need a friend and mentor based on some poll questions you come up with. (Like if joe biden or trump is better looking)
  4. Should we hire a new pollmaster. 1. Ofc 2. Definitely 3. Why did we ever let Xaria do polls 4. No (Sk shall suffer from Xaria's polls)
  5. MCM WHY IS HE NOT ON THE BALLOT! (Not actually mad but I would vote MCM)
  6. Yandex for the win never sell your info to American browser companies only one from mother Russia
  7. To coup or not to coup squeeg. Favorite gov member. Should we merge with Tkr? Should we force House Stark back into SK. Superman or Batman. Have you completed your wc. Why do think noahback is writing a list of pills instead of doing audits.
  8. Discord teamspeak anything besides zoom and skype.
  9. noahback

    Poll #116 - Death

    If I know when I die I can jump of cliffs join the army and do stupid stuff and survive if my time to die isnt up sounds epic.
  10. If by pinball you mean an actual pinball and mechanical flippers yes I dont know what else you youngins are talking about but my pinball machine is sweet I will print y'all a picture when i get home.
  11. More kids is always better because there will be more people to carry on your genes.
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