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  1. Neither I'm not leaving I just can't lead sk and play the other game and lead in both.
  2. Or we could just merge with someone.
  3. I would love to revieve sk but I'm already too involved in leading in another game. If someone wants to focus it I can br on the bench but I can' lead the efforts. I would be happy to see someone step up. But if no one does I would just let the allaince fade until someone wants to take up the sk name.
  4. You are inside when you lock it simple
  5. I like those latches that are massive and can only be opened from the inside no way to pick them they are simple and can be made really heavy duty. You just have to be in the house while using them.
  6. Throw the tea into the harbor and set the ship a light! We will have no tea or unionjack in my country.
  7. Dude before the 1900s man we had sick beats then like ooga boogaa smash uuuug
  8. You see I am a lover of Consantinople and Christendom so I would not vacation but use science to wow the people and fight to save it and start a Crusade to kill the Ottoman infidels!
  9. Where is knights templar also why is camelot even a choice let alone twice.
  10. Xaria would move in with you. You seem like you need a friend and mentor based on some poll questions you come up with. (Like if joe biden or trump is better looking)
  11. 100% ten days is a lot simpler sounding to me let's do it.
  12. Should we hire a new pollmaster. 1. Ofc 2. Definitely 3. Why did we ever let Xaria do polls 4. No (Sk shall suffer from Xaria's polls)
  13. MCM WHY IS HE NOT ON THE BALLOT! (Not actually mad but I would vote MCM)
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