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  1. The frying pan. I mean, really now, who starts with either of those without having the tools and cutlery ready first?
  2. Well we have until November to figure it out.
  3. I mean, Anime are cartoons. It's literally just the borrowing of the English word animation, and truncating it. Japan itself makes no distinction, and actually refers to western animation as Anime. On the other hand, at least in many western countries, it is also a very vaguely defined genre/ art style. Though where you would fit in works from other countries in the Anime style (like Korean, Chinese, or even a few western ones that copy it), or on the other hand, Japanese animation that sticks to western style, I don't know. Back when it was just the Japanese making "anime" and "manga", that was a lot easier to define. But just as the early anime was copying western animation, the distinctive style they developed over the years has come back and is now influencing other nations, including the American animations that spawned it. TL:DR - It's all Spongebob to me.
  4. Mikey


    It's a free smash clone. Has anybody played? I am going to give it a go this weekend, though I know Blake doesn't like it. Could be an interesting option for game nights / tournaments if enough of you do, though.
  5. Mikey

    Poll #44 - Cereal

    Where's the option for not liking milk? I eat my cereal dry baby.
  6. Some more random art from across a few different games, that I forgot to upload. In addition, I will be going through these this weekend to pick out some of the best/worst. After a poll (maybe), the actual fridge image will be updated accordingly. I am also thinking of adding the top 10 to the main post, which will be (potentially) subject to change with each new addition. Paris, by Mikey Tortoise - Tibs Cody's drawing of Squidward paired perfectly with my abomination in this Drawful game, making it look like he's trying to kill it. Another Cody rendition of Squidward
  7. Like oh so many things, it will never get through to me.
  8. Dear lord how is it not over! It's been a month! Really puts into perspective how many of these movies they made...
  9. I played many years ago, back when I was starting CN. Y'all hatin' on Cybernations, but that game was where it was at from 2007-2009. Problem is it never really got meaningful updates, so it just stagnated over the years, as better uses of one's time took players away and kept new ones from joining. I don't remember the mechanics fondly, but it was truly the height of nation sims. 30k active players, having 200 members made you a solidly mid-level alliance at best. The big boys were all 500-900, of which there were at least 15. It would be great to ever come close to that level of community again. So many active players and alliances.
  10. We actually have a members photo thread in the Cobbler Square subforum
  11. Mikey

    SK Trivia

    We also had that trivia bot a while back. We could bring it back.
  12. Mikey

    SK Trivia

    Quiz up could also work for this.
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