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  1. Personally I would fly to Singapore because I heard it was beautiful there! Climb a mountain for fun and take a picture to send it to all of you to make you jealous.
  2. Not saying we should be listening to him but his audience is going to lol.
  3. Biden's tax rates has changed some people's votes, a popular influencer going by the name of KeemStar has changed his vote publicity and now is voting for Donald Trump, I feel if Biden does not explain his tax changes in full context where people can take it there is a chance but he also has 1 problem which is Donald Trump interrupting the fuck out of Biden.
  4. Are you a sleepy boy or a sleep deprivation boy? Poll Credit: @Bradley
  5. How would you describe your personality?
  6. Other countries are jumping in this war and countries like the USA and Russia are already having bad vibes withh each other
  7. Would you rather Have a million dollars but be ugly or Have nothing and be handsome.
  8. Kidnapping Squeegee so I can become the leader out of nowhere with my tissue and chloroform
  9. Xaria

    [POLL #185] Jobs

    An elementary school student knows what he or she is talking about unlike you. The decent polls you talk about are the polls that I actually made and have not got it from anyone, I believe if you're an adult you should know that I am playing along and you should know not to act like a complete douchebag, deleting a poll you did not like is a mistake you should regret, grow up and stop taking this part of the alliance seriously. now please let me hear more of your squeals because I have not had enough of your whines, your extreme criticism towards me does not change a thing and your retarded behavior only shows who you really are behind the camera. Thank you, now please go enjoy my latest poll I think you're gonna like it :3
  10. Xaria

    [POLL #185] Jobs

    A poll, dipshit.
  11. Xaria

    [POLL #185] Jobs

  12. Xaria

    [POLL #185] Jobs

    Your mom is begging for you to just work and get the family money... what would you choose to be your occupation?
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