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  1. Yuh, uh Ur anus
  2. Snakes would be rude, obviously Partisan is a snake and he ignored me in dms so screw snakes I chose fox accidentally, I meant to click turtle because we already got a talking turtle which is Bradley, everything he does or say is funny and especially when he says he is smart, that's the funniest part.
  3. Winter in Russia? Heat Stroke? Skip both.
  4. Xaria

    Poll #116 - Death

    How I am going to die For example if it is a 1v1 irl and I end up dying, I know that I will die so I counter the death by killing my opponent instead. Then boom, no die.
  5. Why is this a question
  6. Xaria

    Poll #95 - Water

    Yes but ima use the 3rd otion
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