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  1. Poll #232 - Will 2021 be even worse than 2020? Fun Fact: (Theres not much I can put here other than some random things) It is thought that recorded human civilisation originally started roughly 4970 years ago, around 2950 years BC, this date comes in with first record of a fully fledged country: Egypt, which is of course the oldest offical nation in the world.
  2. I’ve lived in suburb almost all my life, idrk what it’s like else where so I’m sticking to suburb..
  3. Mainly Western Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea... China is catching up
  4. Poll #231 - Where would you rather live? Fun Fact: During the medieval ages about 95% of people lived in rural towns and villages however, today, that figure is now a meagre 20% as the majority of people moved to the large cities.
  5. Poll #230 - Would you rather get an Xbox X or the PS5? Personally I prefer the Xbox... Also quick note, Xbox is more multiplayer friendly where the PS is more single player friendly. But of course PC is always more expensive... Fun Fact: Did you know that the new Xbox beats the PS5 in terms of specs across the board, and both costs 500$, however a pc that goes for 500$ can barely compare to the specs of the next gen Xbox. A PC with the same specs as a Xbox could cost at least 1500$
  6. Poll #228 - If you could choose to freeze the world into 1 season which one would it be? Fun Fact: The spring equinox brings the start of spring, around March 21. At the equinox, day and night are of about equal length. The summer solstice, which happens around June 21, has the longest daylight time. Autumn begins at the fall equinox, around September 21. The winter solstice, around December 21, has the shortest daylight time. (At equinox the legth of day and night are roughly the same.)
  7. Poll #227 - If you were asked to test a COVID-19 vacciene would u do it? Fun Fact: There are 6 different vaccienes worldwide that have currently passed the safety testing and are being rolled out in limited amounts as to see if it really works against Covid. However it will still take quite a long time before a vacciene is fully rolled out in mass to the public.
  8. To be honest, without the pressure of homework, I would propbably never do any work outside of school, so its a good way of practice for our examinations... It also depends on the school, as some schools have better system than othersm for exampls my old school had a terrible system, because we had 2 hours of homework a day minimum, but we finished school (it started at 8:30am)at 5pm as well, so we would have to work until late, more than an adult would for for their jobs.
  9. Poll #226 - Do you think homework in schools is a good system? We all hate homework! But do you think it actually helped with your learning? Fun Fact: Homework was invented in 1905 by an Italian man called Roberto Nevelis of Venice. However this is highly debated and there are several other candidates for inventor of homework such as: Johann Gottlieb Fichte in 1814.
  10. Ah- well now that I reread the reply I kinda id very convoluted, so long story short, before WW1 most ppl thought war was a good thing after WW1 not so much anymore. And to link it up, would people still fight a war? Even for religion in an age were war is avoided?
  11. Well that is a very good point, and I thank you for asking because I definitely thought the date out well, Here is my reasoning: Before WW1 war in the UK was thought to be a young man's adventure and it was encouraged to enlist, whilst pre-ww1 there was certainly a positive stigma about war, going out to kill some Jerries for your king and country, many perceived war to be morale. Therefore I assume that it would be a lot easier to manipulate the populace into going to fight whether justified or not, and also for religion. However post WW1 with the horrors of war fully experienced this heroic outlook on war had completely vanished and no one wanted to fight really. I understand there are exceptions, but if we look particularly into the freerer societies where many did not support war at all. Also if we take a look at the Wehrmacht, many men did not fight because they belived in fopdoodle and his ideology but simply because of well conscription but also the good pay and treatment, which if you look into it, the Wehrmacht treated it's soldiers very well, especially compared to all the other dictatorships. (I could write an entire thesis on this.... but I don't want to bore you all so I will stop here)
  12. I understand your point, but really especially in the western world we have the power to stop morons taking over and even if someone insane took over, I do agree appeasement will fix nothing, but we will have to cut the cancer by it's heart.
  13. Poll #225 - Do you think that religion is or was used as a method to control the masses? What do you think and why? Also- please lets keep this civil, we are in the 21st Century and not the 11th, we are past the age of (keyboard) warriors! Fun fact: So far there have been a recoded 123 Holy wars resulting in approximately 150,000,000 deaths have been caused in the name of religion. [However keep in mind that this is a highly debated figure and with lots of controversy so do not take this as pure fact but it gives a rough idea.]
  14. Okay sure, well I simply outlined a number of possible options but for such an open yet interesting question I had left the other option open, as to allow you if you had any ideas to post them in here. And I can see where you call them "wierdly specific" but keep in mind the humourous tone of the poll awnsers they are not designed to draw out every specific action I could take, I would have to write an entire encyclopedia of possible actions if WW3 went off. Also I went for the awnsers I did because I felt that open-ended awnsers would be boring and uninspiring.
  15. I understand you concerns and if you really want I can make the polls very convoluted and include 20 different options and every dictator there was during the 20th Century, but of course that would be alot of scrolling for everyone. Also Tojo was a de-facto dicator, he controlled the cabinet and he controled the Emperor while christening himself as the 'prime minister of Japan'. Also I had mainly included what I had thought were the better known dictators, but of course yes, I can include EVERY 20th century dictator.
  16. It was a war that we were dragged into thanks to the unjustifyed land grabbing of fopdoodle and his insane ideology. You may call it idealistic, but what if we all did not think it was idealistic? Then this would be a much more peacful world. For example, in the 1800, when women thought of a world where they were equal to men was considered stupid and idealistic, so a world without wars shouldn't be called out as a stretch so soon.
  17. Poll #224 - Worst 20th Century dictator What do you think? Which dictator do you think was the most evil and sadistic towards their people? Fun fact: There are currently 50 active dictators worldwide, 19 of whom control countries in Sub-Saharan Africa which is by far the most of any region in the world followed by 12 in the Middle East.
  18. To be honest I wouldn't give much of a shit wether it was 'just' or 'unjust' the world is full of shit in the first place. And I firmly believe that war under any circumstances is not the awnser at all, we should work together and co-operate not fight and squable over our limited rescources. Even so if a war breaks out, I will never endorse it but I won't bother with protests that will go no where, I'll just get on with it and help my country, thats better than getting penalised for not.
  19. Not necessarily as even now many wars are fought, and even between nuclear powers but that did not lead to any detonations. WW3 could well be a conventional war, as everyone even with no common sense knows that if you push the button you foreit the life of not only yourself but the entire world.
  20. Poll #223 - If World War 3 Started what would you do? If you have any other ideas dont forget to share them! :3 Fun Fact: In World War II, British soldiers got a ration of three sheets of toilet paper a day. Americans got 22. Adolf Hilter’s nephew, William Hilter, served in the US Navy during World War II.
  21. Poll #222 - Favourite Breakfast! Whats your favourite? Mine is English Breakfast, fite me >:3 Fun Fact: The world’s first breakfast cereal was created in 1863 and needed soaking overnight to be chewable and 1 in 10 people are heretics who do not eat Breakfast!
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