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  1. Poll #191 - Coolest Alliance Which is the coolest alliance and why?
  2. Poll #190 - Mental Health Day A small while ago was Mental Health day, and to celebrate it, this poll was created to raise awareness. We have only included the most common Mental Disorders, if you feel that anything was left out please let make your voice heard. How much has the COVID situation affected your mental health? Indirectly or Directly? If you have been affected please feel free to share you story either here or in private with someone else, it is very important to sometimes vent your feelings to a trusted friend, family member or professional. Have you heard of any of these Mental Disorders? If you have please share your thoughts on it, and what you think they mean? If you happen to suffer from any of those, it is highly recommended you seek help from who it does not matter. Also if you are stuck on who to come to, I am always free to help, to listen and to give any needed advice. I promise privacy and to be honest I also have actually suffered from 3 out of of those above disorders historically, so I'll understand anything that comes my way. :3 Thanks for listening to my ramble and have a good day!
  3. Oop- this is easy lmao... but it actually rlly heart warming to see the proportion that are happy with their current lives... especially because we are all degenerates, so happy denegerates we are! :3
  4. I would prefer to become a strategic advisor for large corporations :3
  5. Poll #177 - What is your favourite game company? Which game company do you like the most and why?
  6. Meanie anyway mine were better than Xarias! ;^;
  7. My polls weren't that bad ... :c
  8. I think money sponsored MC tournaments or anything involving a game would be good.
  9. Poll #156 - Who would you eliminate? (Its Multiple Choice, you can kill everyone you psychopath)
  10. If I ever get a computer good enough to run WoT I would be interested in purchase...
  11. Apple gang rise up! All who dislike apple are nothing but plebeians.
  12. Poll #154 - Favourite Operating System On the theme of computers!
  13. Duck Duck go is not a search engine, it is an extension. I also use duck duck go, but it technically does not class as a search engine.
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