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  1. Huh. Fair point, At the same time, for some reason I think that JFK was better at running his country than Lincon, Im too tired to remeber why tho
  2. Ah fair point.... BUT!! idrk, I like keeping my window open 24/7. I dont remeber the last time I closed it, I like the rain and other outside sounds also the fresh air.
  3. Who tf would want to move to mars or the moon, barren wastelands.
  4. Kenedy was much more recent in history, therefore he would of made more of an impact. Especially in soothing the cold war. Maybe the USSR would not of crashed so far, and definitely, a bunch of incompetents after him, would not of gone into office.
  5. Im a foking hermit, I havent gone out with any rl friends in 3 years
  6. Fake news and bullshit. You are placing your hope on science fiction and shitting on China. Stop treating it like a scapegoat, it is suffering from this virus as well. They are not as stupid as you Americans.
  7. The world will end by new year, so no vacciene. Simples
  8. Lol, you are really running out of polls. I see you using the bot Brad...
  9. Quadrupilets are more likely to be born with health problems. It would be better morally and moneywise to have 2 sets of twins.
  10. My faveriout streaming service is a pirate service...
  11. Comment below this thread using this format: Round 2 (Losers) @Koru about to sneeze#3769 v @VoidedLynx#3259 Korutsu (Misato)win.
  12. Pineapple on pizza is heresy!
  13. The Uk NHS is a shit show compared to the others. The French is really good but expensive. The German and Austrian are efficient and the nords go overkill.
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