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  1. I've been meaning to watch the HP movies, so I'd def be down for that. I don't know what studio ghibli is, though, so that might be more interesting.
  2. I'd absolutely take the money. I don't really ever see anyone wearing socks and sandals. So, we're talking MAYBE one hunt per year. Not for nothin'... but, if you wear socks and sandals, you deserve what you get. LOL
  3. Zenica, Ilysium - The heads of all of the King's councils and committees were rushed to the palace today for an emergency meeting with HRM, King Valentino. No official statement has been released by the palace, nor any governing body. In an unprecedented move, HRM, King Valentino called a meeting with all of his government department heads. Amid the flurry of activity behind the palace gates, helicopters and jet fighters flew overhead, and security around the palace was increased to ensure that this emergency summit was protected. All palace tours were cancelled and the public was forced to evacuate the area in front of the gates. News media were not allowed inside, either. Rumors flew as one black sedan after another arrived, each bearing the license plate of a different department sped up to the gate. The Minister of State, The Chief Commander of the Military, the entire Regency Council, The Chairperson of the Crown Council, The Minister of State, the Chief Justice of the Royal Supreme Court and the Royal Ambassador to the 7 Kingdoms Alliance were all rushed inside. "I've never seen anything like it," remarked Louise Trumble, longtime owner of a souvenir cart on the sidewalk across from the palace. "Even during state visits! It's all so hush-hush, but, like, in a really loud way." The Chief Communication Director for the Royal Family, Morgan Ledbetter, was not immediately available for comment. However, the most likely reason for this meeting is to further discuss the king's plans for further expansion. The great success that he's had raiding other countries has, reportedly, spurred discussions inside the palace of taking over other countries instead of just pillaging them. Our country's coffers have never been so full and the success of the military in planning and executing invasions has highlighted the triumph of the king's Manifest Destiny initiative. That, along with His Royal Majesty's unequaled approval among our citizenry has given him a "green light" to pursue historical growth. An anonymous source close to the palace stated, "This may very well be the new golden age of Ilysium! We could be at the beginning of the newest empire to grace our planet!" This source went on to say, "The King knows that he has the full support of his subjects. Beside, who wouldn't want King Valentino as their leader? He the most! Those countries would be lucky to have him!" But, the question remains, why the sudden and hurried meeting? A high ranking official inside the State Department told us, "I can assure you that this meeting was only last minute to the public. His Majesty doesn't do something like this on a whim." When pressed to find out how long this had been in the works for, he ended the conversation abruptly. Dale Whistles, our chief legal correspondent stated that, even though the king has full legal authority, any acquisitions such as taking over countries would still need coordination with all of the various departments. Questions such as citizenship for the people of conquered lands, legal rights for POW's, establishing rule of law and how to assure fellow alliance members that this is the right move for Ilysium all must be considered and decided upon. We will, obviously, stay on top of this quickly developing situation. Don't forget to subscribe to our news service. For only 2 gold crowns a week, you can get our up to the minute news sent right to your phone!
  4. I'm in! I'll probably in the first round that gets knocked out, but I'm in!
  5. What's the most you've gotten from a single ground attack? What's the least you've gotten from a single ground attack? How often do you raid? How many troops do you have? How many cities do you have?
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