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  1. Know when so I can pull out my uno reverse card.
  2. Seven Kingdoms is clearly superior over One Kingdom.
  3. First time I played was at the tail end of 2016 as Kievan Rus in Ragnarok. Went inactive just before Assylamic Crusade and Ragnarok reforming into Ming.
  4. Sad I missed it didn’t have access to my computer tonight but oh well. I’m excited to start building on the survival world though.
  5. Haven’t seen either though I think I might buy the storm light archive books after hearing a bit about it in a VC with TKR on their birthday.
  6. VoidedLynx

    Poll #71 - Pizza

    I don’t really like it but I don’t care if other people want to eat it.
  7. Definitely think PC is better but I'm hoping that with this next-generation of consoles that it will introduce more cross-play compatibility between games. It's been nice to actually be able to play some games with my friends who don't have PC's. Also from what I've heard the next-gen consoles are basically glorified PC's I mean hell the new XBOX looks like a tower.
  8. Sign me up. Not very good at chess but I missed the last one and it sounds fun.
  9. I think it should be legal obviously with some stipulations such as having multiple eyewitnesses to someone wishing to go through with it as well as asking a patient multiple times each with a different person to make sure they really want to commit it (to ensure no one pressures them into doing it). Think a good song that pairs with this whole idea is "One" by Metallica.
  10. Honestly, just do what Norway does use rehabilitation instead of having a punitive system. I mean they have a recidivism rate of around 20% so they must be doing something right. If you educate your prisoners through various programs they'll be more likely to be able to find a job when/if they are released. I mean obviously if a really heinous crime is committed you would probably not let them back out.
  11. I’m against capital punishment. It isn’t an effective deterrent as multiple studies have shown. As for the argument that it will cause overcrowding in jails it really won’t. Simple fix to that in the U.S. is maybe don’t convict people to a shit ton of years for using drugs. Really says something that China, a communist country with 3-4 times the number of people as the U.S, has a smaller prison population. Also don't get me started on how corrupt private prisons are. They should be illegal.
  12. I don't really know because I've watched them kind of weird. I've seen all of the old ones but not infinity war or civil war. I have seen endgame though. There are a bunch I haven't seen. Shame that work gets in the way of the movie marathons.
  13. I went with AMD for my first build recently because as Squeegee says they have a great cost to performance. Also a bit wary of intel recently because they’ve been pulling some scummy business practices again.
  14. The are only a few acceptable times to have milk first and that is when you are refilling the bowl with more cereal after the first one. As for your situation it is barely acceptable as it is not a bowl. Come to think of it if you were to resize a bowl and a cup at what point would one turn into a bowl and the other turn into a cup?
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