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  1. I don't really know because I've watched them kind of weird. I've seen all of the old ones but not infinity war or civil war. I have seen endgame though. There are a bunch I haven't seen. Shame that work gets in the way of the movie marathons.
  2. I went with AMD for my first build recently because as Squeegee says they have a great cost to performance. Also a bit wary of intel recently because they’ve been pulling some scummy business practices again.
  3. The are only a few acceptable times to have milk first and that is when you are refilling the bowl with more cereal after the first one. As for your situation it is barely acceptable as it is not a bowl. Come to think of it if you were to resize a bowl and a cup at what point would one turn into a bowl and the other turn into a cup?
  4. VoidedLynx

    Poll suggestions

    1: Which slide is worse? The plastic ones (death by electrocution) or the metal ones (death by lava)? 2: Intel or AMD? 3: Who Shot First? (Star Wars) 4: Is cereal soup? 5: Is water wet?
  5. If you put milk in first be prepare to be crusaded filthy heretics.
  6. Ahh I see. Well hope for your sake this is over relatively soon so you can finally finish the process,
  7. Gudea because he has a higher tolerance than I do.
  8. That's unfortunate but not much you can do. Where are you immigrating from?
  9. Yeah and then it has to go through multiple different admins who check the validity of the sources and you must have a source(a legitimate one) before the admins even consider allowing the changes to be made. Wikipedia is a lot more reliable than people tell you it is.
  10. I mean it really only take like 20 minutes of scrolling through wikipedia for both of them to get a general idea but too much effort for most people I guess.
  11. I'm actually not too sure yet. I'm doing a little bit of research into their political views and what legislation they have supported in the past before making a decision. I only turned 18 two months ago. I still have a few months to decide though.
  12. VoidedLynx

    Poll suggestions

    Who shot first?
  13. I have not. I do plan on watching it eventually though.
  14. Ahh yess the ole blue-black brained disease. It’s very serious and end up ripping families apart. It’s a real shame. Let’s hope it isn’t contagious.
  15. VoidedLynx

    Poll #25 - Age!

    I’m 18 my guys.
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