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  1. I love me some hot leaf juice.
  2. Although one other pro of the Xbox is that it is a lot more crossplay friendly. Think they even made it so that people on pc can join a party chat with people on Xbox.
  3. Yeah the main reason that consoles are so cheap is the Microsoft and Sony make their profit back from game sales and through purchases of online memberships. I believe they actually lose money through the actual sale of their consoles but it is more than made up for later.
  4. You forgot to include agnostic (neither belief or disbelief in a higher power).
  5. My thirst for blood has been awakened. It is time for me to dine on the blood of my enemies. I’m at a stalemate in most of my wars. Had a guy downdeclare 4 cities on me which is annoying but I’ve been holding him off barely.
  6. You wouldn’t lose all income you can still sell what you produce on the market. Even at 100% tax I’ll still be making around 3.5 million a day from resources
  7. I mean I’d be all for a short term increase to 100% to shorten the pain. It’s like ripping off a bandaid IMO. You’d still be able to make cash of off selling resources. We could also do alternating weeks of high tax say like 75% one week and then 25% the next or something else like that.
  8. The only true hand signs are these ones. https://gfycat.com/gloriouscorruptcurassow-copy-ninja-kakashi-vs-one-of-the-7-swordsmen-zabuza
  9. Only operating system I’ve ever used is windows. Thinking about making my pc dual boot with Linux because I’m interested in computer science.
  10. I don't know what a Jaffa Cake is. Please enlighten me.
  11. Would rather lose my foot because controlling a prosthetic on your foot is a lot easier than your hand.
  12. Know when so I can pull out my uno reverse card.
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