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  1. https://www.lastknights.com/CityCenter
  2. Im back and have 0 stnik
  3. I have the power of SHOWER
  4. Lemme go Take a shower after this
  5. Screwed to its doom...
  6. So I created a insurgancy in Libya and caused nuclear war meaning I lost. Sads
  7. Report 6 February 1946 Current Defcon Level 4 Failed Capitalist Uprising in Yugoslavia Failed Communist Uprising in Sudan Gave funding to the NLA now the Communist Fighting Party Created Communist Revolution in Mali called The People's Army Relations with France Execrable End Report
  8. Voltez

    Meme Pet Group Poll

    Theses are my environments if pets had political ideologies.
  9. Voltez

    Poll #116 - Death

    Ngl This poll is really interesting.
  10. Voltez

    Meme Pet Group Poll

    I am a meme person and bored so meh
  11. Feel free to leave feedback on this lol.
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