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  1. I follow political commentators on YouTube and some news pages on social media not sensationalist shit tho.
  2. I'm just salty I haven't been countered. I feel insignificant
  3. Why would I fly to France for free it costs like 20£... I'd fly to Australia or Fiji or maybe somewhere in South America
  4. Nothing major will come from this in terms of ww3 however it is not without its potential concequenses. Turkey supporting one actor, Iran the other, Russia both, and putting the oil and gas lines to the EU at risk. Do not mistake this for some irrelevant conflict.
  5. I'd offer bradley a job which pays his tuiton fees, he'd follow me to the end of the world. As would anyone tbh...
  6. Stand on the table behind the door and then quickscope them when jumping off the table and then listen to the 12 year olds rage and scream because I'm a "HaCkER"
  7. I'd just go head to head against MCM and battle it out, Bradley would run away anyways and dunno that Noah can dumbfound verin with his comments on politics.
  8. Man quadruplets... I would feel sorry for my wife. Imaging having to go through that pain 4 times in a row. I'd rather we had a break and only have two at a time. She probably would agree
  9. Heath

    Poll #96 - Sleeping

    With my girlfriend. And with that I mean uncomfortably and waking up with a dead arm
  10. I get that, but there is a difference I feel of having them extradited to a foreign country to stand trial... They are a member of the family which is the head of state... Kinda a big deal so I feel we should handle this shit ourselves while still protecting the royal family and our country from too much outside influence in that aspect you know? So if it whernt the royal family ship them off I don't care but you would never ship off an ex prime minister or something either would you? It's a weird comparison but I hope you see what I'm trying to get at. Also the US should hand over that woman who ran over that bikerider and a bunch of other people first tbh. And don't forget letting their troops be trialed by the international courts...
  11. Permenantly exhausted pigeon. Stop stealing from TKR @Bradley
  12. Andrew shouldn't be extradited to the US but could and should easily be held accountable in British court.
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