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  1. 1. Does the sound of chewing make you want to commit unspeakable acts of violence against the perpetrator? 2. Is university education worth it? 3. What is the best beverage? (It's water) 4. What emotions do birds give you? Options: awwwww, annoying things, indifference, they are all drones anyways and covid just let's the government recharge their batteries 5. Are you always sick or always healthy? 6. Are you wasting your life on this game or is the game wasting your life. 7. What is your relationship status? Options: Happily Single, dating, married, civil partnership, married to my hand (it knows how I like to be touched), Incel, my pillow
  2. Heath

    Poll #267 - The Cure!

    Mandatory for everyone who has no right to exemption. I don't see why poeple should get to choose to endanger other people.
  3. Desert. I've always wanted to try camel testicles and eyeballs of goats.
  4. India is gonna blow everything out of the water in the coming years if they don't put some filters on their factories, stop burning random shit and somehow manage to deal with their crazy traffic problems, which all goes hand in hand with their apaling poverty problems. Also fuck China, anyone remember that satalite footage from a while back?
  5. I'm not taking that hard it a side here I technically agree with alyster however Google said an oligarchy could also constitute an empire which the republic kinda was. I think in modern non historic litriture it is often used what would have been incorrectly but is now used more broadly for simply a large powerful nation under rule of some sort of unified state. (Quoting Google again)
  6. Hol up guys, just off to tell my Spanish friends all about how lucky they were to have Franco and he wasn't half bad cos he didn't get them into world war 2.
  7. Say what you want about his peaceful transition which was arguably more organised by the parties post his death he was a truly disgusting human. "Franco’s regime committed a series of violent human rights abuses against the Spanish people, which included the establishment of concentration camps and the use of forced labor and executions, mostly against political and ideological enemies, causing an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 deaths in more than 190 concentration camps." He was well known to be heartless and ruthless when fighting in some colonies, routinely executing his colonial troops who didn't do exactly as he said. Lastly two big reasons why they didn't join in the war was to a large extent due to MI6 bribes to officials in Spain which dissuaded them from supporting it. Not to mention them having just gone through a horrific civil war by any and all standards.
  8. I follow political commentators on YouTube and some news pages on social media not sensationalist shit tho.
  9. I'm just salty I haven't been countered. I feel insignificant
  10. Why would I fly to France for free it costs like 20£... I'd fly to Australia or Fiji or maybe somewhere in South America
  11. Nothing major will come from this in terms of ww3 however it is not without its potential concequenses. Turkey supporting one actor, Iran the other, Russia both, and putting the oil and gas lines to the EU at risk. Do not mistake this for some irrelevant conflict.
  12. I'd offer bradley a job which pays his tuiton fees, he'd follow me to the end of the world. As would anyone tbh...
  13. Regardless of if I'm making less or more of others the price of cities does go up disproportionate to the income therefore it's harder for larger peeps to grow since we need to wait longer which was the point I wanted to get at.
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