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  1. I dont mind it at all tbh....
  2. I do believe it was the Rooster?
  3. He better f'ing not......the worthless, corrupt. lying SOB.......
  4. Rummy

    Poll #46 - Guns

    Yes, we just wouldnt have the NRA that buys politicians.
  5. Rummy

    Poll #45 - Computers

    For what I do, it may as well be Corn Flakes....
  6. Rummy

    Poll #44 - Cereal

    Anybody that does milk first is, well, a dolt.
  7. Kent, next to Akron.
  8. We are opening slowly in Ohio, USA, so we shall see. I never actually stopped working so not much changed for me.
  9. Grumpy old bastard........... Get in here Gudea
  10. Rummy

    Poll #39 - Alex sucks

    Suck it Alex.......
  11. I think they all suck really. FB is the only one I sorta use....
  12. This, and unless you are highly active in Discord to see other mentors in chat, you likely have no clue. I didnt vote, but its still an interesting poll. Changed my mind and voted for Gudea, he's a hard ass mentor and makes me chuckle.....
  13. I don't give a shit if Bugs Bunny is running. I will vote for whoever ISN'T Trump........that worthless vile sack of shit....
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