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  1. I've already taken the invisibility bill. And my ex bf probably took the speed bill
  2. This is a rear case when I must vote for Ford being the better brand.
  3. Just shut it down. Don't even need to be dev for that.
  4. QE2 does not hold much power. For true Enlightened Monarchy you’d need absolutism. Quite okay if you’re Cathrine the Great but sucks for everyone else if your son is Paul I.
  5. I was pondering inbetween Enlightened Monarchy and Democracy. Voted democracy because if a retard happens to be a king it may take a while to oust him. US will get rid of Donald in 2024.
  6. Oranges have been annoying as long as I remember.
  7. alyster

    [POLL #160] Showering

    How do you not shower every day ?
  8. I'm afraid I'd have to go in alone. Verin, Mikey and CuppyCakes - Mikey would probably try to make the bank accept surrender terms and few months of non agression Bradley, McMaster and a Child - Bradley would want to recruit the bank to run SK banking Squeegee(SK) and Adrienne(TKR) - Squee would probably leak the plan to the police the night before
  9. BTW if anyone wants to buy a WoT EU account with all normal tier Xs except the polish med, I know someone
  10. Windows Phones were never a thing. Just look at their peak market share.
  11. Computers don't get iOS but MacOS. And Mac being a PC is also debatable. That being said my gaming desktop does have Windows :cry: Although I've been looking into upgrading it to hackintosh.
  12. You're welcome to not participate
  13. Safari. Mostly for two reasons: a) I can open same pages on my iPhone and Mac with an ease when I need to get going and b) I once had a look into what sort of data Google stored about me. I don't even allow Google access onto my iPhone anymore.
  14. I would never take a yacht further to sea than 3h from closest liquor store.
  15. True. I was thinking at first about buisness jets more. But a yach could host a decent party with cute lads in speedos while Cessna is good learning to pray that you would not drop out of the sky
  16. Private plane sounds like more expenses.
  17. If biscuits stay out in the open they get soft and fragile. If cakes stay out in the open they get hard. Hence Jaffacake is a cake. You need to stop discriminating small cakes for their size. It doesn't really matter in which department they sell them at the store. They also sell alcohol free beer next to beer. It still doesn't make it a beer.
  18. They are miniature cakes.
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