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  1. Oh you poor thing. I never relized how much you have to do
  2. I do not know why you would want to watch the 48th Tony awards there? You do know OJ's wife will be murdered there that night, may ruin the show for you.
  3. Where is donate it all to PnW for credits?
  4. Yeah I can see that. I've always wondered what he was playing to get her bend like that.
  5. May want to think about it a bit. If you went back to the time when you were conceived you'd be watching your parents doing the nasty. Maybe wait 30 minutes?
  6. Imperator Alyster Augustus has a nice ring to it. I'd make the Roman empire eternal not only in our hearts but in day to day life as well. Make Europe Roman Again!
  7. If humans go extinct who would read PnW fanfic then
  8. Fortnite is a good game. All the kids go off and play Fortnite and leave other grown up gamers free to play some decent games. Also easy on the graphics --> easy on mom and dad's wallet.
  9. Scars I can own up to and have a story "I got this in Nam" or something. Tattoos are just plain stupid.
  10. Because one of them planned to use weapons of mass destruction and let millions of his own subject die, the other is a convicted war criminal.
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