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  1. Rummy is in low gov? Yay and congrats!
  2. @alyster vs @Callum Mac community wins.
  3. Something something weeaboo.
  4. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/windows https://i.imgur.com/cgsvFL5.png While it is called App Store it is selling full programs. It's a decent thing. First of all I trust stuff on Apple store more than random website because I know getting things uploaded to Apple store is a pain. And it also gives nice reccomendations. Basically when I bought a Mac I only installed Microsoft Office, Slack and Discord initally. Everything else took 5 min to set up (emails and settings). Also Siri has its' uses. Imagine you're cooking in the kitcken. Hey Siri turn the volume up. Sitting on a sofa watching a movie? Hey Siri turn the brightness down. Candy Crush like my last Lenovo Let's say if you buy a MacBook you will not start looking for uninstall button, but rather go "Hey they also included this, that's nice." Also I agree for a desktop iMacs are tad bit expensive. Custom build a Hakintosh!
  5. I used to say all the same things before using a Mac. Mac prizes are not hiped. You get similar prices for similar Windows laptops. I have a MacBook Air. Super light, I walk around school holding it open in one hand quite often. It has superb battery life, screen, audiot etc. LG GRAM would cost me even more than my MacBook Air. And Mac don't come with bloatware. And then there is the ecosystem how it fits together with iPhone is superb. The spotlight search is years ahead of Window's search feature, Siri on a Mac is actually useable unliek Cortana, the window management with 3 fingers on touche bar is light years ahead of Windows. Not to mention the App Store is actually useful unlike Microsoft's. While Windows can (eventually) perform similar things on MacOS everything is effortless.
  6. Round 2 @Xaria vs @alyster Alyster wins
  7. Because Macs are great.
  8. Round 1 @MC-Master095 vs @alyster Alyster wins
  9. It still means I have to buy Xbox, PC and Windows 10. Console in 2020 is a PC that is limited to gaming with a stupid controller. It has a Zen two architecture CPU, it has AMD Navi GPU why can't it run Windows? I want to install Linux or Windows 10 or something on it. If not for anything else then just to turn an outdated console into a movie server or a NAS. At least Apple allows people to install Windows on Macs. There aren't that many reasons why anyone should prefer Windows over MacOS besides gaming and some 32bit non compatible apps for Macs. But you can do it.
  10. alyster

    Poll #71 - Pizza

    I have deleted people from my friends list and phone contacts if they have ordered pineapple on pizza. Pineapple may or may not be related.
  11. Lets be honest consoles have one things going for them - the price. But Microsoft goes out of their way to make Xbox non compatible with Windows. While Xbox is just a basic computer with all the same hardware. If I'd buy a game console I'd buy it only as a toy for gaming. No other uses. While my desktop PC initally cost more I can use it for variety of cases. I often work on longer text documents on my desktop, because 2x24 inch screens beat Mac's 13 inch any day for that. I sometimes do light video or graphical editing, BitComet and so on. My desktop PC also is what I use to update my NAS video collection. I can always upgrade my PC step by step. Leave an old Skylake CPU in and upgrade the GPU and I get years worth out of it. While with a console I'd need to buy the entire thing all toghether. And if I choose not to upgrade I can still play newer games if I'm satified with high or medium graphics. If I'd be so into Mac's that I'd use iMac I'd probably get a console as well. But one strong desktop is a must in my book and personally I opted for PC. It also allowed me to design the looks myself. If I'd have to provide a gaming option for a man cave or for a kid or something where the wider picture is not important I'd maybe go for a console. Also for console gamers. Congrats on SSDs on upcoming consoles. We've had them in PC gaming for a decade and can ensure you that you're going to love it.
  12. Casus belli right there.
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