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  1. I like Paradox. Though the company that has taken the most money from me with out a doubt is Wargaming.
  2. I have a crazy idea. Instead lets reform the tax system so that such loop holes would not exist. We have a flat 20% income tax. Tax returns are on educational bills (school fees), charities and few more things in similar cathegories. So. It takes me 3 minutes to fill out my tax declaration every year. Mostly I spend my time checking if the conacts and bank account numbers are correct.
  3. I've already taken the invisibility bill. And my ex bf probably took the speed bill
  4. This is a rear case when I must vote for Ford being the better brand.
  5. Just shut it down. Don't even need to be dev for that.
  6. QE2 does not hold much power. For true Enlightened Monarchy you’d need absolutism. Quite okay if you’re Cathrine the Great but sucks for everyone else if your son is Paul I.
  7. I was pondering inbetween Enlightened Monarchy and Democracy. Voted democracy because if a retard happens to be a king it may take a while to oust him. US will get rid of Donald in 2024.
  8. Oranges have been annoying as long as I remember.
  9. alyster

    [POLL #160] Showering

    How do you not shower every day ?
  10. I'm afraid I'd have to go in alone. Verin, Mikey and CuppyCakes - Mikey would probably try to make the bank accept surrender terms and few months of non agression Bradley, McMaster and a Child - Bradley would want to recruit the bank to run SK banking Squeegee(SK) and Adrienne(TKR) - Squee would probably leak the plan to the police the night before
  11. BTW if anyone wants to buy a WoT EU account with all normal tier Xs except the polish med, I know someone
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