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  1. Wargames from back in the day, like those made by Avalon Hill, Task Force Games, and SPI!
  2. I've always been my own best Mentor.
  3. Gudea

    SK Trivia

    Can't hurt. I do history.
  4. Yessss......this Padawan learner declared a war on Day 0 to celebrate the Birth of her Nation! She's got bigger stones than the two wimps that just up and bolted from SK! They can ! Yessss.....she will farm wimps mercilessly! They shall all grovel at her rough-shod stinky feet!
  5. Gudea

    New Member

    Yesssss......more Fresh Meat!
  6. That's the trouble with you Brits....too tame...too civilized.
  7. Hey, the dude who posted this is in TKR! We should have Adrienne make 'em pay up....with accumulated interest since 2014!
  8. My whole head came out warped. Wtf.....
  9. Pad Thai = Asian food. My wife eats that stuff. Nice rig. I'm jealous!
  10. I extend the most hearty Greetings and Felicitations to yet another TKR 5th. Columnist Infiltrator! Another Loyal Subject from The Britannic Empirev2.0 come to reduce these American peasant barbarians to a proper level of sniveling servitude to Her Majesty's Might!
  11. I had to go with the double Squeegee....
  12. But he's a Brit! They got REAL money....Pounds Sterling, Crowns, Shillings, etc. Never mind that worthless Federal Reserve colonial paper!
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