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  1. Pay off all my credit cards, car loan, and house loan, which hilariously would probably not make a dent in the money at all despite just how much debt it seems at the moment. Probably pay off my student loans too, even though I'm on a track to not having to pay them off if I keep doing public service for the next seven years because again, drop in the bucket and freedom of choice would be a nice burden to alleviate. Buy a dishwasher and a microwave Decorate and renovate my house! Check with my family about their debts probably and help them out. Quit my job. Go back to school maybe. Travel the world! And after all that, I'll almost certainly still have more than 999 billion. What I want in life is not particularly complex but I'm sure with 1 trillion, dreams will expand. :v
  2. I have two birthday buddies, one from Puerto Rico, one from Italy. We share the exact same birthday, down to the year.
  3. I, like others above, have different answers for too young and too old so this poll doesn't really work unless there are two questions in it....
  4. I'm not sure why anything going on today means that we shouldn't continue to devote time, energy, and resources to important research, growth, and exploration. We're not halting any of that in any other area of research due to what's going on so why would we do it here, of all areas?
  5. Don't worry, I grumbled over there too :p And then argued over what constitutes a decade. Soooo.....
  6. grumbles about apostrophes in decades that shouldn't be there
  7. I think it's much less used as a way to control the masses today simply because of the (attempted?) separation of church and state in but there are still plenty of places where this is true, even today. I don't think there's anything wrong with spirituality or belief in a higher power but I think it's naïve to believe that historically, organized religion hasn't been used as a tool for influencing and controlling people.
  8. 294... that's what ours does, pretty sure so should be possible
  9. 290.... it doesn't just change them to "guest usernamehere" for you?
  10. I got triple countered, lost most of my planes but definitely enjoying wreaking some havoc regardless.
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