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  1. You can usually find them pretty easily if you know who's gov. Scroll down that alliance's gov page and see if all the gov is in the main AA (shorthand for alliance/alliance affiliation) or not. If they have an offshore, usually at least one of the gov listed won't be on the actual main AA, typically econ gov/2ICs/ex leaders. As for training AAs, they'll usually list them on their alliance pages. The Syndicate has The Enterprise, The Immortals has The Mortals, and The Commonwealth has The Hanseatic League, for example.
  2. He says that they're #1 because t$, TCW, and TI all have training alliances so their scores are deceptive. Top 5 with training AAs/offshores: 1) The Syndicate 151 607,809.28 2) The Knights Radiant 175 492,295.87 3) Rose 120 489,183.03 4) The Immortals 259 479,080.33 5) The Commonwealth 117 438,587.46
  3. Oh, we would be successful. We may have to change identities and switch countries though.
  4. Missing the "physical exertion" part, so not a sport. Doesn't mean it's not competitive or require some practice or skill but that's a key thing that makes it a sport versus just an activity imo.
  5. Never. (Also lol). Who cares about beer? We're talking about desserts. Jaffacakes being sold with the cookies while cakes are on the completely separate area seems more relevant to the discussion than whether a beer is a beer or not.
  6. What I really meant with my last response is that I've never given it that much thought (and I'm not about to start now) :p I just call them what they're called, whether that be cupcake or twinkie or whatever tf it is. Also though, you should note how thin these are. Cakes aren't with the biscuits, sooo.....
  7. Also, they're literally housed with the cookies/biscuits in UK supermarkets. Like, come on. Why is this a thing.
  8. A cupcake is a cupcake, not a cake. I don't really call any of those things cakes....
  9. It is small and you eat it with your hands ergo it is not a cake smh
  10. English dessert topped with an orange marmalade and dipped in chocolate
  11. I'd call it a cookie but sure, let's play it your way.
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