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  1. Pretty sure its tectonic plates that defines it.
  2. when you guys ignore the fact i used Italics it makes me look dumb.
  3. Wheres "Britain"? we left Europe.
  4. Callum

    Poll suggestions

    This x1000 suggestion: Worst SK Lord commander / Econ
  5. Wallowing in self pity and watching anime.
  6. Fanta and Ironbru are my favourites. but i'll take a Coke zero over a pepsi any day.
  7. There was a time when he didnt have quotes round his name. adding them was my only contribution as a mod on our discord and probably the best choice i ever made. But now the other idiot changed his name to "Cakey" and im confused again.
  8. Who would use their real name as their username? you'd have to be some kind of fucking idiot to do that.
  9. & (86& sure) Im pretty sure i had some more, but they were probably shit. namely the one calling Mensa shit, with a Toilet and "CB?"
  10. No, No one can. RIP.
  11. I was debating not clearing the 20+ Can pyramid i had on top of the xbox before i took mine, decided i should atleast present myself somewhat clean.
  12. Poll suggestion, "Best Looking war award" i need an ego boost so only put the ones i made in there.
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