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  1. Personally once this has been concluded. I'm probably gonna join Bradley's AA and help him out as a tax farm. I have no real interest in this game anymore. I'm sure there's a plethora of mobile games and what not that use some manner of clan system that we have some shared interest in that we can group up in and keep SK gaming alive. Or we can be more focused on game night ish games Among us, rocket League stuff like that. Other games that require less immediate activity, drop in/out like Minecraft, space engineers, avorion ect. That just have a server running. Garry's mod has some good minigames the community has made, TTT, prophunt, murder ect. Just spit balling.
  2. I think retiring is in the best interests of the AA. Any attempts to continue would just be SK in name only. Keep the community and what not. Maybe we'll find other games to group up in. But as a PnW AA. I think we should bow out gracefully.
  3. Callum

    Poll #Who cares.

    Where'd the Poll guys go?
  4. Is it illegal to make a carrier based carrier. I could understand weapon systems being a grey area. But surely an operational flight deck is permittable.
  5. Would be neat to give the UK a helping hand. Would make for a different modern world.
  6. Buy an aircraft carrier. Private boat parties
  7. gets some musicians to give the world a lecturing on real music.
  8. Police serve no-knock warrants from time to time to check if you are in compliance.
  9. Yes. It's a finable offence. You used to get arrested, but the rules were relaxed a few years back.
  10. You can drink more than one cup of tea.. at minimum it's 3 a day. But one is allowed to drink more.
  11. You don't think of the chinese when you think of smug cunts drinking tea.
  12. I wouldnt mind anyone in there mid30s. But if I go backwards the same age. The FBI will want to talk to me, so its all relative. But honestly. When you accepted the idea as a poll I was kind of worried. Glad you reworded it.
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