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  1. Callum

    Poll #Who cares.

    Where'd the Poll guys go?
  2. Is it illegal to make a carrier based carrier. I could understand weapon systems being a grey area. But surely an operational flight deck is permittable.
  3. Would be neat to give the UK a helping hand. Would make for a different modern world.
  4. Buy an aircraft carrier. Private boat parties
  5. You could create porn
  6. gets some musicians to give the world a lecturing on real music.
  7. Manlet prime or super Chad.
  8. Police serve no-knock warrants from time to time to check if you are in compliance.
  9. Yes. It's a finable offence. You used to get arrested, but the rules were relaxed a few years back.
  10. You can drink more than one cup of tea.. at minimum it's 3 a day. But one is allowed to drink more.
  11. You don't think of the chinese when you think of smug cunts drinking tea.
  12. I wouldnt mind anyone in there mid30s. But if I go backwards the same age. The FBI will want to talk to me, so its all relative. But honestly. When you accepted the idea as a poll I was kind of worried. Glad you reworded it.
  13. I mean the famine is a hard one. Cant imagine the Japanese were keen to give the food to the Indians if they took over the areas.
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