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  1. Nevermind then, I've aldready heard about it, but never went to know it that much. Doesn't seem bad tho.
  2. Never heard about Stormlight Archives and GoT is GoT so GoT wins.
  3. Losers bracket r1 @VoidedLynx V @Fasper Voided wins.
  4. Fasper

    Poll #71 - Pizza

    I don't like it, but if you do like it, I don't care. Just eat your pizza with pineapple and I will eat mine without it lol.
  5. In my mind there are only 2 good things about consoles, they are better to play sport games (like fifa and pes) because of the joysticks (altho you can plug your joystick on pc and it will work aswell so it's actually relative) and also they have some amazing exclusives. About Nintendo Switch, it's very compact so you can really take it to anywhere and the exclusive games are unique too, I wouldn't mind having one to play Pokemon tbh. On PC the problem is if you don't have good specs you can't have the best possible performance, and ofc the exclusives console games that you can't play on PC.
  6. You know what? I almost don't know anything about chess and I'm pretty sure I will lose in round 1, but count me in!
  7. I do believe I'm the only person I've seen wearing those, wait does that mean I need to kms? lol But yeah I think here in Portugal wearing socks and sandals isn't common at all.
  8. Never saw someone wearing socks and sandals anyway lol
  9. I think you can guess mine lol, SAO is dope. Season 1 is my favourite and Alicization is pretty good aswell and rn I'm waiting for the final 11 episodes. Can't wait anymore.
  10. Congrats to Clover that successfully defended our honour!
  11. I did and if you don't find a region to roleplay it becomes boring imo, that's why I stopped playing a few months ago.
  12. Twitter for sure, after that Instagram. Maybe I prefer them because are the ones that I use the most?
  13. I wouldn't trust wikipedia that much, anyone can edit it.
  14. Who had this ideia is a genius, very funny and unique.
  15. Fasper

    Poll #26 - The dress

    That is clearly white and gold sorry folks......
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