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  1. Hey guys, as promised, here are the rewards being issued out for the war. Traditional forum awards will be coming soon. As a reminder, 1st place earned 50m, 2nd earned 25m, 3rd earned 10m. DM Bradley on Discord to claim your rewards. Without further ado, here are the results: Highest Total Offensive Wars: Alyster (66) VoidedLynx (36) Notlaws (31) Highest Net Damage: Bradley (2b) Alyster (1.74b) VoidedLynx (385m) Most Loot: Alyster (426m) VoidedLynx (364m) Bradley (208m) Most Infra Destroyed: Bradley (2.91b) Alyster (2.22b) Carvell (1.19b) Most Spy Ops Reports: Alyster (82) Fasper (58) Notlaws (56) TOTALS: Alyster - 200m (Plus 25m for mid-war “commendments” competition) Bradley - 110m VoidedLynx - 60m Fasper - 25m Notlaws - 20m Carvell - 10m
  2. I got countered by one guy, I guess that counts? Got to launch my first nuke at him though, 2500 infra cities gonna be expensive to rebuild. Also destroyed both his power plants.
  3. MC-Master095


    If you want to check your individual stats, shout out to Carthago for their awesome stat site, feel free to check over here: https://ctowned.net/
  4. I think 10 days of 100% tax is the best course, best to stabilize the ship as soon as possible rather than unnecessarily wait. Ren brings up a good point, I also often don’t keep enough food/raws for 10 days at a time. Assuming we know when the tax period is in advance though, shouldn’t be too expensive to just stock up beforehand. I do like that idea @Heath, problem being of course that the objective of this is to bring more money into the bank than is leaving it, so at the moment I don’t really see a way that such a system would help anyone (if you’re putting more in than receiving, why go on the 100% taxes? And if you’re putting in less than receiving, why should the bank pay for your stuff when the goal is to raise money?)
  5. Already have, Rose is #1, and T$ is the true #1. I’m also sure that @Nizam Adrienneis perfectly fine with that, and prefers it this way.
  6. I run Cross Country and Track, and although there are a lot of other sports I enjoy playing for fun, gotta go with the one I do.
  7. It’s gonna be a Hedge/Swamp victory, they have giant numbers, a competence advantage, and the blitz advantage.
  8. I played it once back during NPOLT with some Chaos people, we all got destroyed by some random in China. Just about sums up how PW was going for us then too.
  9. Poor Pluto, getting excluded from the Solar System like that. Don’t worry Pluto, we all love and support you!
  10. @Anun Tideraknows what’s up, ROI for the ROI gods!
  11. Being in a sphere with T$ has sucked my soul out, now all I care about is getting that ROI and $$$. Money is joy.
  12. You hear that sound? That is the sound of every Econ person collectively screaming at the lost money and ROI. That 400m you two spent could have funded one of our graduates up to c15. Now when they don’t receive their city grants they’ll know who to blame.
  13. I’d prefer to know when I die, just so that before I die, there’s nothing that I wish I did but just never got around to, plus so that I can properly say goodbye to everyone. Although in either case, I’m afraid I would try and cheat death, which would obviously be unsuccessful.
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