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  1. The problem with death penalty is that there’s always a chance that innocent people end up getting convicted and set to death. And once you’re dead and then new evidence comes out, too bad, that can’t change anything. And if they’re actually guilty, just let them rot in jail.
  2. In addition to what my man @Heathsaid, egg has to have come first because the first chicken came from the first chicken egg, no?
  3. I signed up for CN once, made a nation, did like 1 thing, and then I never logged in again after that.
  4. Another problem with this update is that Alex didn’t actually bother to make sure any of these changes actually worked. (Ground Control still works as before, a ton of the new projects didn’t work at first, score changes didn’t apply until someone looked at your nation, etc)
  5. Some changes were necessary, but Alex stuffed what should have been multiple separate updates into one.
  6. The answer is obvious, it’s me (based off audit results it’s technically Bradley but I don’t care)
  7. I voted for myself out of instinct then 5 seconds later I realized "Maybe I should be objective and actually consider who the legitimate best mentor is" It's too late for that though so vote McMaster 2020 for Best Mentor
  8. I would def be down for this.
  9. Where’s the option for being ineligible due to age? (2022 is the first election I’ll be able to vote in)
  10. Round 2 result: @MC-Master095 vs @alyster Alyster win
  11. Let’s go, count me in. I will finally use my chess skills that I learned from playing with my friends all the time in 8th grade.
  12. If any of you say Incredible Hulk I’m disowning you
  13. Gotta have mind reading so I can leak those war plans before Sphinx and Squeegee do.
  14. Apparently none of our members, thank God.
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