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  1. I got countered by one guy, I guess that counts? Got to launch my first nuke at him though, 2500 infra cities gonna be expensive to rebuild. Also destroyed both his power plants.
  2. Already have, Rose is #1, and T$ is the true #1. I’m also sure that @Nizam Adrienneis perfectly fine with that, and prefers it this way.
  3. I run Cross Country and Track, and although there are a lot of other sports I enjoy playing for fun, gotta go with the one I do.
  4. It’s gonna be a Hedge/Swamp victory, they have giant numbers, a competence advantage, and the blitz advantage.
  5. I played it once back during NPOLT with some Chaos people, we all got destroyed by some random in China. Just about sums up how PW was going for us then too.
  6. Poor Pluto, getting excluded from the Solar System like that. Don’t worry Pluto, we all love and support you!
  7. @Anun Tideraknows what’s up, ROI for the ROI gods!
  8. Being in a sphere with T$ has sucked my soul out, now all I care about is getting that ROI and $$$. Money is joy.
  9. You hear that sound? That is the sound of every Econ person collectively screaming at the lost money and ROI. That 400m you two spent could have funded one of our graduates up to c15. Now when they don’t receive their city grants they’ll know who to blame.
  10. I’d prefer to know when I die, just so that before I die, there’s nothing that I wish I did but just never got around to, plus so that I can properly say goodbye to everyone. Although in either case, I’m afraid I would try and cheat death, which would obviously be unsuccessful.
  11. It’s hard to teach new people while you’re also in the middle of a war, especially since said new people will face even higher attrition rates than normal if they’re being constantly attacked.
  12. Made my nation in May 2017, went inactive for a month, only became Lord Commander in June 2019 though, right at the beginning of that eternal war.
  13. Just noticed we've already had polls on best SK FA and best king, so... 1. Best SK Econ 2. Best SK IA 3. Best SK Milcom 4. Best SK Ally of All Time (Not including Prots) 5. Worst SK Ally of All Time (Not including Prots) 6. Best FA decision 7. Worst FA decision 8. What was the first global war you participated in? (List might get kinda long though)
  14. Never too late to fix that!
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