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  1. well it was the last post before the forums were resurrected, so lets say I won round 1 yer
  2. Milcom quiting mid war pathetic, but in all seriousness leave everything too me No not your work just your rss and money silly
  3. How do you think I'm Still Hard, (more precisely a one night stand with a dermatologist and a lot of bad memories)
  4. Maybe he came here to get sex tips from the dust mites, Fun fact the average dust mites mating session will last for 24 hours with no breaks.
  5. really, the last post was 2 years, 1 month and 5 days ago
  6. +1 Need someone to help me through the gay parts
  7. Remember, I also still have three copies of table top sim for those that wish to join us next time we play.(Also I know there are a few of use already who play shellshock live if others want get it next time it is on sale just let me know only for the poor though I'm not an atm).
  8. Okay all, it's 48 hours since any nominations. I think we can all agree that we should all cast our votes. ----------------------- As for my vote it goes too Clover
  9. Anyway say after 48 hours we have the names then we vote to make it easier
  10. Any one but hope and yugi however I will nominate a Mikey
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