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  1. I would go back to meet Nixon just to tell him I know what he's up to and it won't end well for him just to see how he reacts
  2. Trump is now saying he’s “defeated” covid in the states despite it being very much not defeated so that should answer the question of who has a better approach heh
  3. We're gunna hold you to this Side note: Can I change my vote?
  4. Ok one condition on the coup, this can't happen.
  5. Personally I like both, some days I would prefer to be in an environment like an office or work place so I can feel more productive, some days I am more productive from home. it's not a bad thing to change up where you are working from time to time and apparently it can help with productivity and workflow
  6. Personally at the beginning of COVID I was struggling hard with IRL problems that were unrelated to CVOID itself, After about 3 months into quarantine I started working really hard on my mental health and I've improved quite a lot. Thankfully because of my workplace and my family I was able to improve myself over the course of COVID, if anyone in SK is struggling during all this any one of you are free to reach out to me at any time.
  7. Squeegee

    [POLL #185] Jobs

    Currently I am a Tech Specialist at an Apple Store but I am going to school for Electrical Engineering. Ultimately I want to be designing components for computers or mobile devices.
  8. I think we should crowdfund some money to get xaria back on his meds cuz I swear its like two different people make these polls
  9. @Luna Is my favorite catfish also for your sake I hope ren doesn’t see this post.
  10. Quite honestly I don't think I have a single game company that I love above all the others but some games that I enjoy recently I also think have really awesome devs / companies behind them like Risk of Rain 2 (hopoo games) and Stardew Valley (ConcernedApe/Chucklefish). Both amazing games and also amazing devs behinds the games. Check them out if you haven't already
  11. the bitchy people in starbucks are the least of your worries yugs, you're brown and have an Asian accent depending on where you travel hicks may threaten to kill you
  12. His supporters are the type of people to justify it by saying shit like “he worked hard for that money he shouldn’t have to pay taxes!” While simultaneously complaining about how much they pay in taxes.
  13. You brought this up before but I can already see you complaining in my DM's because a massive earthquake hit your nation and then your citizens revolted and ousted you because of your communism.
  14. It would just be you and @Lyro on a small island and mikeys skeleton cuz you guys voted to eat him.
  15. I would run a Totalitarian Dictatorship I don't trust anyone else to make decisions. Too many idiots. Bow down to your ruler dummies.
  16. Apple is the superior fruit.
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