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  1. this would be the second option should there be enough interest in setting up a proper gov bench however it seems right now the only one willing to step up to the plate is notlaws, and we would need a new head of each department and a new king essentially.
  2. Glad this is your main concern Valentino, however should we retire the alliance we’ll likely go through post war tax records and disperse what was taxed
  3. Good morning everyone, This is going to be a tough topic to address, but those of you that are still active in some capacity I am sure have noticed the alliance has been struggling since the last war. Due to a few reasons mostly in regards to our performance last war a good portion of our gov bench has left and moved on to other things. This has left us with very little to work with which in all reality is at my fault. So to be entirely transparent and honest Myself and the remaining gov bench are incredibly burned out on this game, myself and the others have spent a large portion of our time the last 4 years playing this game and doing our best to lead the alliance. We have been speaking internally about what next steps there are to be taken and we didn't feel it was right to come to any conclusions before first broaching the subject with those of you who have remained with us through many hardships. As we see it there are two options to take this in, we can essentially "retire" the alliance and keep this place as an homage and continue our inactive play style or if there is enough interest to form a new government bench with what's left of the active roster the current gov can look into what it would take to get those interested properly trained by our allies. Should we retire the alliance it would likely result in closing off recruitment and us recommending that anyone who wants to play a more active role head elsewhere. Should we manage to get a large enough bench to make another attempt at bringing back the alliance there will be more details that I need to hammer out. At the end of the day the decision is in your guys hands and whatever it is that we as a community decide upon I just want it to be known that SK has facilitated some of the best memories I have, I will always be here to do my best to support this community through whatever it is that happens next even if I no longer plan to be taking an active role in the game itself.
  4. I agree with you on this front in terms of transferring members to other Aa’s
  5. It's less about the fears of reformation and more about getting them the proper resources lol, just from these last 6 or months alone I know that I wont be able to properly train and pass on the torch to a new government that wont just result in a repeat situation such as this. I think SK as it is now is in a good spot to kinda just bow out but by handing things over to a new gov it could result things being ended on a not so high note. And by also making a new gov it then takes the decision out of our hands whether or not its time to retire the alliance which can just result in more floundering.
  6. Last night I broached the subject of where we should take the alliance next, as it is we don't really have any bench left or current gov with the desire to do any work. A lot of us had agreed that retiring the alliance on the 10 year anniversary may be the best move but we wanted to broach the subject with remaining members prior to doing so. In my mind there is only so many ways this can go about, 1) We broach the members and discover what is assumed, that there isn't really enough members around to continue leading the alliance and we end up creating an exit plan leading up to the 10 year anniversary 2) Somehow the members miraculously pull together and we find a way to train them in some way before letting the kids take over. In terms of the first option we would have to prepare our protectorate rohirr potentially to find a new prot or set them up with TKR, TKR seems willing to support us in any way that we need and I wouldn't imagine that we would have a problem down grading to a protectorate deal should we want to once we "retire" the alliance. The second option if it does somehow happen is a tough one because as I outlined last night I have absolutely zero desire (along with the remaining current gov) to really do anything related to this game so training a new generation would be half assed at best and would likely result in some classic SK blunders before shit goes completely down hill again. If there is anything I missed or that you would like to add in this thread please do so, even if it's just copy and pasting what was said in the discord last night. This thread is really just meant to keep the conversation in one spot and more focused.
  7. Yeah honestly I’d really like to hear the story behind this one but idk how much brook is willing to share but if I had to guess on this one brook was intentionally taking some other drug that was laced with meth kek
  8. I honestly didn’t peg you as someone who would do heroin or meth but I guess via process of elimination it would be meth cuz I REALLY don’t think you’d do heroin
  9. Shrooms, Ecstasy and Crack I am locking in these three as my final answer.
  10. I would go back to meet Nixon just to tell him I know what he's up to and it won't end well for him just to see how he reacts
  11. Trump is now saying he’s “defeated” covid in the states despite it being very much not defeated so that should answer the question of who has a better approach heh
  12. We're gunna hold you to this Side note: Can I change my vote?
  13. Personally I like both, some days I would prefer to be in an environment like an office or work place so I can feel more productive, some days I am more productive from home. it's not a bad thing to change up where you are working from time to time and apparently it can help with productivity and workflow
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