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  1. I much prefer Webex over something like zoom, zoom is honestly trash.
  2. Mars, cuz that’s where earth gets all its candy bars.
  3. Everyone who voted extrovert is a liar.
  4. Personally I really enjoy cards against humanity and monopoly!
  5. Now that I think about it more, no fuck that. I dont want to wake up and suddenly a hurricane hit my nation IRL and in pnw and suddenly I am responsible for 2bn in disaster relief.
  6. The game is broken enough as is I don’t think that’s going to make anything better.
  7. Both seasons absolutely suck ass in NJ, but I guess avoiding snow isnt terrible.
  8. Squeegee

    Poll #116 - Death

    In lots of folklore and mythological stories people trying to avoid their death is exactly what ends up killing them in the end.
  9. Squeegee

    Poll #116 - Death

    I feel like knowing how I die would be slightly less anxiety inducing, knowing when I die would make me basically count down the minutes and stress me out about how inefficient I am being with my time
  10. You might be able to park it on top of the krogers tho
  11. The defectors will soon burn in righteous hellfire.
  12. I actually really enjoy public speaking depending on the topic I am presenting
  13. You don't specify enough things!
  14. I chose the third option but it honestly depends on the hobby and what I derive from it, is it just for enjoyment? Or is this a hobby I can make a living out of?
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