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  1. I have been playing pw for around 5 or so years. Yugi was in a pretty bad place in his head when he started playing with transferring to a new school and going through highschool shit and wat not. Ya'll have been the best friends I could've asked for, with a shit ton of fun memories. I cant be as active as I was before becuz of rl doodoo as well, but I will continue playing the game just for funsies and to keep in touch with you guys. imo, the most annoying bit of this game is the wars and shit, and for some lols reason they always happen when I'm doing school or on the middle of a vacation trip with family. I think the best thing to do is to retire, but keep the community there. since it does not lead to dissolving the alliance from the game, thats awesome cuz if it would just be straight up earased then thats real poopoo doodoo stuff right there.
  2. tbh, i just moved and i currently live around an hour from the school, but the way there usually has heavy traffic and it would take 3 hours or more if i dont leave the house by 5am or before rush hour
  3. online school makes me sad, and my parents lying to me and tricking me into moving to the mountains made me really sad.
  4. YUGI IS NOT AN OPTION??? I FEELS OFFENDED... would totes move in with Tboz tho, cuz D&D
  5. [insert middle finger emoji here] only need this.
  6. Good friend, fellow weirdo, and glad to have a irl freind who also plays the game The Yugi votes YES
  7. i dont listen to much music so yeah
  8. i dont watch movies anymore so idk lol. but i do know that the Emoji movie SUCKS
  9. i want my fucking ice cream.
  10. lowkey... i would kill myself if i had the chance
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