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  1. online school makes me sad, and my parents lying to me and tricking me into moving to the mountains made me really sad.
  2. YUGI IS NOT AN OPTION??? I FEELS OFFENDED... would totes move in with Tboz tho, cuz D&D
  3. [insert middle finger emoji here] only need this.
  4. name one instance of me having an "Asian Accent", I'm fluent in english. I have an "American Accent" whatever that is
  5. eventually cuz yk, covid, and the racisms, and also those bitchy people in starbucks
  6. Honestly.... I just want to study in America and hoping travelling there will get easier
  7. i dont listen to much music so yeah
  8. i dont watch movies anymore so idk lol. but i do know that the Emoji movie SUCKS
  9. i want my fucking ice cream.
  10. lowkey... i would kill myself if i had the chance
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