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  1. tbf, I was pretty much copying TKR's poll . So blame Riefsteck I'm just illiterate
  2. I spend about half a year living in a city and the other half in a village. I'd take the city over a village any day
  3. Maybe not for you, but trying living near the coast. Freezing I tell you, freezing!
  4. Appreciate the response and explanation but I’m more confused now than I was when I asked the question Some advice? Don’t set specific dates when you don’t have to. So rather than “It did only in the past (past meaning before 1914)”, something like “It did in the past but not anymore”. Sometimes less is more
  5. I'm curious; why do you state 1914 as the past? Is that an arbitrary date or does it represent some important event (other than the start of WW1 ofc, which doesn't appear to be relevant)
  6. I don’t question it. My argument was that WW2 was justified from the allies perspective. I’m not sure what your point is, but it’s tangentially interesting.
  7. No I also wish we lived in a world where insane people like hitler didn't exist & war wasn't needed. But ultimately, those kind of people occasionally do come to power. And they aren't the kind of people to sit around a table and work something out. Hence why WW2 was justified. What would be your solution to preventing people such as Hitler? Or other genocidal leaders? Try and appease them? Say "please lets stop this"?. It would be great if we lived in a world where such people don't exist. But it's not possible because cunts will exist for as long as humans exist.
  8. You think someone like H!tler would sit down and “work together”? I admire your idealism but some times war is justified, although more often than not it isn’t. I think you’d have a hard time arguing that WW2 wasn’t justified, for example.
  9. When have two nuclear powers gone to war against each other? Curious because I can’t recall such an instance, happy to be proven wrong though.
  10. I guess it really depends on the cause of such a war. A war against fascism or a war fought for something unjustified would lead to a different response for me. A unjust war would lead me to protest, a just war would lead me to conscript.
  11. 292...and doesn't look like it sadly. Would be nice for it to though - @Mikey is it possible?
  12. 289.... and no. Some people delete their forum account which deletes their posts. Therefore it looks like we’ve skipped some numbers, but it’s just people deleting their accounts.
  13. Pretty good poll tbf. Should add a "don't know / unsure" option though - because this one is difficult
  14. Think you'll find that the UK PM is paid just over 150k, not 107k. 81k of the 150k is the basic MP salary.
  15. Yeah it’s hard not to recognise the immense growth China has had over the last 2 decades - 100s of millions lifted out of absolute poverty is quite an achievement. Even if it has slowed down, it still grows at a rate that many western countries could only dream of. 2019 china’s economy grew by 6.1%, UK 1.4%. People point to their slower growth in recent years but it’s still comparatively good to other countries.
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