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  1. I tried to edit it but it wouldn't let me! I thought I was in the "last post wins" thread :3 Anyway. To get this back on track after messing it up. Val's word was: man-eating fruit flies fly repellent
  2. I would guess Faster Than Light
  3. I have many thoughts, and like I just said on discord: Say what you want about SK but it's the oldest for a reason. Nothing changes that. I don't see why SK's future should be called into doubt, and doing so on a publicly viewable section of the forum is questionable at best, Anun. SK lives today, it'll live tomorrow.
  4. @Lord Vader think this is yours? In any case your request is acknowledged, and we await @Mikey to create a mask for The Imperium. Thanks for signing up and be sure to check out our daily polls! https://7kingdoms.net/pw/index.php?/forum/251-polls/
  5. What do you think? You can read about the 25th amendment on this wiki article by clicking here.
  6. Which do you prefer?
  7. Which do you prefer? If you wish to be Poll Master send me a DM. I'll try to do one every day but please do apply if you want to do it And please post some suggestions!
  8. Hi! Tell us about yourself. What made you join us? Why did you start playing Politics and War? Are you enjoying the game?
  9. Responded on discord but for everyone else - yes and yes.
  10. Loans to help you rebuild after war! In addition to rebuild aid, we are also offering interest free loans specifically for rebuilding infrastructure. The regular loan programme remains suspended, and this initiative is purely for rebuilding. Priority is given to those who are active. There is a budget of 900 million for this, so get your application in early! Amount you can borrow: cities * desired infra level cost, (eg, if you wanted to go from 1.5k infra to 2k infra, desired infra level cost would be $9,125,479). Interest rate: This is interest-free. Payback period in days: Loan total / your post-rebuild net income + 10. So if you borrowed 100m and your post-rebuild net income is 10m per day, you'd have 20 days to payback. Weekly repayments would be expected. Eligibility: Must have 13 cities + in SK for at least 60 days. Exceptions can be made, shoot me a DM. This loan must be used for rebuilding infrastructure. Example of how this works: This sounds awesome!! How do I apply? You apply via this form HERE (using the “loans” option, obviously, and then using the reason "Infra growth" and duration "don't know yet"). I will then contact you on discord to proceed, with all other relevant information. Further info In the event of a war or raid, your loan will be "frozen", so repayments wouldn't be expected. We reserve the right to decline any loan application without stating a reason. If your loan is not paid back on time, interest will be incurred of 5% weekly thereafter unless an exception is made.
  11. Aren't you also in your 40s? No! Back in my day, we had serious polls ranging from "What came first, the tick or the tock?" to "What's the most important threat facing the world today?". None of this BDSM and relationship crap. That said, I refuse to take on the position of Poll Master again. So keep up the good work Misato
  12. No, farms are not recommended unless you’re at 3k land and can max them out. It’s a wasted slot. Quick look through your nation and you’ve got 2 farms in each city, with some cities only at 2k land. Deffo not recommended & a mistake nations make all too often. As you’re closing in on 2k infra, you can probably begin manufacturing once you buy a manu project. Up to you what resource, although steel is tricky because it requires 2 resources. Generally speaking I recommend gasoline or aluminium. I know you don’t produce oil or bauxite but you do produce coal. Sell the coal and buy what you need every few days - works out. Check out Misato’s nation for a template, as I helped him set his nation up to produce oil and gasoline earlier.
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