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  1. I would guess Faster Than Light
  2. I have many thoughts, and like I just said on discord: Say what you want about SK but it's the oldest for a reason. Nothing changes that. I don't see why SK's future should be called into doubt, and doing so on a publicly viewable section of the forum is questionable at best, Anun. SK lives today, it'll live tomorrow.
  3. @Lord Vader think this is yours? In any case your request is acknowledged, and we await @Mikey to create a mask for The Imperium. Thanks for signing up and be sure to check out our daily polls! https://7kingdoms.net/pw/index.php?/forum/251-polls/
  4. What do you think? You can read about the 25th amendment on this wiki article by clicking here.
  5. Which do you prefer?
  6. Which do you prefer? If you wish to be Poll Master send me a DM. I'll try to do one every day but please do apply if you want to do it And please post some suggestions!
  7. Aren't you also in your 40s? No! Back in my day, we had serious polls ranging from "What came first, the tick or the tock?" to "What's the most important threat facing the world today?". None of this BDSM and relationship crap. That said, I refuse to take on the position of Poll Master again. So keep up the good work Misato
  8. tbh I didn't know what a tundra was so I voted desert. Now I know what a tundra is, I wish I voted tundra. my name is Bradley and thanks for coming to my tedtalk
  9. Not sure who you are as your nation link goes to the "Join Oceania" alliance page. I think I've found your nation in-game but it appears you've joined Camelot. Should you wish to resume your application, please join our discord here: https://discord.gg/nRy7JZV
  10. Jokes on you! Squeegee has no authority!
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