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  1. This is mostly why I'm against it. If only 1 person is wrongfully sent to death, the whole thing becomes a tragedy of epic proportions. Plenty of examples of this happening, too. If it was such an effective deterrent, why do people keep on committing crime? The fact is, if you're prepared to murder someone, you don't care about the consequences. Also, what happens if the person who is sent to death is actually innocent?
  2. It's when the state gets to legally murder its citizens.
  3. We use lichess.org to host the matches, and the above shows the progression of the tournament. These are being held once a month, and I'll ping everyone when we have our next tournament.
  4. Bradley

    Poll #46 - Guns

    Can’t say I’m 100% sure, but hand guns and pump action shotguns are effectively banned. The assault rifles that are allowed have restrictions on the caliber too. To get the necessary certificates to own such guns you have to go through several checks, and have a good reason to own guns. Personal protection isn’t a sufficient reason in England, Wales and Scotland, although Northern Ireland has other rules. Such checks include health records and sometimes police interviews too.
  5. Bradley

    Poll #46 - Guns

    It's not something that is regularly polled because, well, it's not a political issue here. But a poll from 2010 found that Brits wanted even stricter rules on guns ( https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2010/06/07/Ban-on-guns ). I don't think that's changed to be honest, because it just isn't a political issue over here. There is a general political consensus that guns should not be widely owned by the public. People are more worried over knife crime, but honestly you can't compare that issue with the gun deaths in America tbh. What I do know is that virtually everyone I've ever spoken to about this thinks it's absolutely bonkers to own military style weapons. Most are okay with weapons for hunting, but even that makes some people nervous.
  6. Bradley

    Poll #46 - Guns

    I always find it interesting when speaking to Americans about guns. Us Brits (a generalisation of course) have a totally different view, and find it crazy how you can legally own weapons that can cause so much damage.
  7. Not remotely controversial. We are 100% the worst alliance in the history of nation simulators.
  8. BABC NEWS: General Election Results Politics editor, Hew Cameron: Here we have it, the public have casts their votes, and they have given a damming verdict. They have decided that the Prime Minister will no longer have a majority in the Peoples Assembly. Equally so, they have decided that no single party will have a majority. The opinion polls had been close, but no political analyst I have spoken to seriously considered this would happen. What we shouldn't forget is that the Republic has been divided for decades over its future, and the split away from the Monarchy did not heal those divisions. The Conservative Party were promising to take Britain back to the days of the Monarchy, while the Workers Party wanted to push the Republic into a new era of unity. The British Republic said no to both. As for what happens now - PM Bradley will remain in post, and will seek a coalition with other link minded parties. It is thought that he is reaching out to the British Socialist Party tonight, and plans to build a coalition with The Freedom Party and the Green Radicals. He needs 350 seats for a majority. Link minded parties account for 355 of all seats. He will need them all on board to continue has PM. Here are the results: Join us again soon for a statement from both party leaders.
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