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  1. Brooklyn666

    Poll #2

    Little St. James Island
  2. A guillotine is way faster and more efficient but have fun I guess
  3. The only thing 18th century French whores had were a bunch of STDs
  4. Brooklyn666

    Poll #1

    I'm sorry but the real answer is obviously St Vincent and the Grenadines
  5. I'd rather play Chardee MacDenis: The game of games
  6. I don't want you people knowing my real name
  7. Every evening and night and really honestly all day at this point. I'm not allowed to leave my house.
  8. I mean you could have said *literally anything* and you chose that....
  9. Did you really just try to resurrect this threat after 7 months with this weak-ass shit?
  10. Whoever replies to this next is the world's biggest homosexual
  11. Bitch go on discord. We don't use this place very much anymore
  12. Good job resurrecting an 8 month old thread
  13. He emerges from his drunken slumber every 4000 years to pop in on Discord
  14. You can still hop on to shoot the shit with us! Even Tenages drops in from time to time.
  15. It's going ok. We've kind of settled into a stalemate. Most of the nations on the other side are too low in score for us to do much of anything with. And yes, of course the leak came from us! I won't name the culprit but he or she is free to identify themselves if they so choose... Why aren't you on discord?
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