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  1. I guess you didn't really need to wait for me since I'm broadly in agreement but I'll say my part anyway: I hate to see SK die (mostly out of spite), and I don't really know what the gov situation like is now, but there's clearly no bench of people willing or able to take over, so I guess at this point the most ideal option is, unless members really step their pussies up, is to use our 10th anniversary to turn SK into a retirement AA. I'm strongly against completely disbanding and deleting the AA in-game, but it seems like there's just no will or interest to keep it active. The next steps in my-mind would be to confirm this with the members. If no one wants to step it, I think we see if TKR is willing to take on any members who want to go there and see if they'll be willing to make us a protectorate. If members step up and want to keep things going, I think we're going to need some help getting them trained; either having someone from TKR gov come here and do it along with whoever of us can do it, or send them over to TKR to train up, and I think we should also let a hypothetical new gov know that they're probationary for a while, and that we reserve the right to make sure they don't do anything stupid with SK until they prove they can handle it. Ideally, at least one person (clover? mccmaster?) could stay on part-time for a while to keep an eye on things.
  2. I've been in this alliance for almost 7 years (others have been here even longer than me), so do us all a favor and don't waltz in here and start doomposting about the future of this alliance based on nothing but post-war moves that happen after literally every war
  3. It's a trillion dollars everything is legal if you have 1 trillion dollars.
  4. Yea I know that but that's way less practical than say Ganymede or Titan
  5. Why did you put Venus, a planet where metal melts in minutes and it rains sulfuric acid, but not any of the hundreds of terrestrial moons?
  6. Do you honestly believe a shipbuilder wouldn't build an aircraft carrier for a TRILLION dollars, or that a nation wouldn't sell one for that much? The entire U.S. carrier fleet cost 1/100th of that.
  7. Gurl do I have to explain to you how doing an internet search works Or you could just actually get some real life p***y. Think about how great you'd smell compared to all the other guys at pretty much any point prior to the 19th century
  8. There's always been porn. The ancient Greeks literally painted people pounding each other on their pottery
  9. The night of June 12th 1994 at 875 South Bundy Drive in LA. I'd bring a camera and settle this once and for all.
  10. There are only 13 days left in Trump's term. Invoking the 25th now would validate every single thing his supporters fear about a deep state coup/conspiracy against him and it will make then even more hyped up for years to come. Better to just let the clock run out on this one.
  11. Honest to god where do you get this shit from. The chocolate industry has 2 million literal child slaves alone picking cocoa beans. They're not making anything better. This is just PR for Nestle.
  12. Are you for real? Did it really not occur to you that people can consume more than one of a thing in single day?
  13. Yes but also Curchill loved chemical weapons. Especially when used on brown people. Here's what he had to say on the use of poison gas in India and the Middle east:“I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against the uncivilized tribes… it would spread a lively terror.”
  14. Ok what's going on here. First we have a poll about BDSM and now this?
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