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  1. Clover

    Poll #46 - Guns

    I'm not opposed to guns as a general rule, I just don't think every Cleetus and Billy need to have one.
  2. Opposite- need more enforcement.
  3. Ant Man sleeper hit tbh.
  4. Clover

    SK Trivia

    I'm down. Weekend (or Friday nights) probably a good time to do it.
  5. I demand to be idolized. Also there a bunch of whipepo in here.
  6. Round 1 Result @MC-Master095 vs @Gandalf McMaster win
  7. Round 1 Result @Zalcrid I vs @Cheshire Cheshire win
  8. Round 1 Result @tboz1128 vs @alyster Alyster win.
  9. Round 1 Result @Clover vs @A Very Critical Brit Clover win.
  10. I believe we'll use the Lichess website.
  11. I'm absolutely in. @Squeegee get in here
  12. Iron man was the only one I had seen previously of the 3. So imma have to go with iron man was still the best of the 3.
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