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  1. Harris isn't great, but I see why she was chosen.
  2. This is such a cruel poll
  3. Clover

    Poll #81 - Cannabis

    Yes- but even more important expunge criminal marijuana records once it's legal too. Such a ridiculous and nefarious tactic.
  4. r4 Clover vs Carvell Clover win
  5. Forgot to post yesterday: r3 lancelot v clover clover win
  6. Round 1 (or... 2)? @Gandalf vs @Clover Clover win
  7. Clover

    Poll #71 - Pizza

    Can you elaborate. There has got to be more than just "yeah put mayo and peas on pizza"
  8. I'm definitely in, gotta uphold my title.
  9. I'd do it for free if it was crocks and socks. SO yes I take the money.
  10. Clover

    Poll #46 - Guns

    I'm not opposed to guns as a general rule, I just don't think every Cleetus and Billy need to have one.
  11. Opposite- need more enforcement.
  12. Ant Man sleeper hit tbh.
  13. Clover

    SK Trivia

    I'm down. Weekend (or Friday nights) probably a good time to do it.
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