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  1. Clover

    Poll #2

    That's what I'm sayin
  2. Clover

    Poll #2

    One where I can leave the house :(
  3. I'm down. I volunteer @Gandalf to host round one. We had a good thing going buddy.
  4. Hey, We wanna do a thing where we watch all them marvel movies in the "correct" order. All are invited. Tell your friends, tell your mom. Definitely tell your dog. Join us Discord for adventures. We want to do EIGHT FRIGGIN BLOCKS consisting of the following: BLOCK 1- Sunday 2pm EST 4/12/2020 Captain America: The First Avenger - 124 Minutes Captain Marvel - 123 minutes Iron Man - 126 minutes Total - 373 minutes ----- BLOCK 2- Sunday 2pm EST 4/19/2020 Iron Man 2 - 124 minutes The Incredible Hulk - 112 minutes Thor - 115 minutes Total - 351 minutes ----- BLOCK 3- Sunday 2pm EST 4/26/2020 The Avengers - 143 minutes Iron Man 3 - 130 minutes Thor: The Dark World - 112 minutes Total - 385 minutes ----- BLOCK 4- Sunday 2pm EST 5/3/2020 Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 136 minutes Guardian of the Galaxy - 121 minutes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 - 136 minutes Total - 393 minutes ------ BLOCK 5- Sunday 2pm EST 5/10/2020 Avengers: Age of Ultron - 141 minutes Ant-Man - 117 minutes Captain America: Civil War - 147 minutes Total - 405 minutes ------ BLOCK 6- Sunday 2pm EST 5/17/2020 Spider-Man: Homecoming - 133 minutes Doctor Strange - 115 minutes Black Panther - 134 minutes Total - 382 minutes ------ BLOCK 7- Sunday 2pm EST 5/24/2020 Thor: Ragnarok - 130 minutes Ant-Man and the Wasp - 118 minutes Avengers: Infinity War - 149 minutes Total - 397 minutes ------ BLOCK 8- Sunday 2pm EST 5/31/2020 Finale: Avengers: Endgame - 181 minutes These are subject to change/adjustment. Leave your comments here and let us know if we should do something different. We probably won't listen to you, but hey- we might! Seriously though: if this time is bad (as in mid-day) we can certainly adjust. But you're on lock down anyway (probably), what else do you have to do? Fun fact: I've personally only seen Iron man and the spider-mans because I am old and have bad taste, according to everyone on the planet.
  5. Clover

    Poll #1

    I'll take my gold star now.
  6. Seven Kingdoms Annual Gibmas Extravaganza! Hey everyone, starting tomorrow, we're going to begin the annual SK Gibmas! During this time of the year, we like to give away random steam game keys to SK Network members and friends. These game range from indie to AAA and game of the year titles! Starting on Monday the 11th (tomorrow!), we will do a drawing every day (between 7-10 EST) for games! Every day there will be at least one game, sometimes a couple games- leading up to Satruday the 23rd, which will be our Mega Giveaway. We will list the games that can be won every day in discord. You can win more than once, with the exception of the 23rd- which will have several winners but you can only win once. This year, we have 3 tiers of games: Tier 1 will consist of indie, light weight games. Tier 2 will conssist of more popular, not so indie games. Tier 3 will consist of AAA and very popular games. We have over 40 games to give away total! As we get closer to the 23rd, the games will become higher on, or more coveted, our tier list. To participate all you need to do is pick 3 random numbers between 1 and 4000 and post them in Discord in the "#SK Gibmas" channel. Format like this as an example: (16)(21)(88) If you are an SK member and not on Discord,please join as soon as possible! Unfortunately, if you can't join Discord, you are unable to participate in this drawing. To keep the process fair and transparent for all members, it is a requirement. You do not have to be present when the live drawing takes place as long as you have entered your numbers before the drawing, you can still win! You will be notified via Discord with any keys.
  7. http://store.steampowered.com/app/544730/Catan_Universe/ It is on steam now, although I do not know if it is the same as the download version or if it carries accounts over. Account does carry over- steam version is pretty much the same. Looks like it isn't really "FREE" though, you have to pay to unlock all the expansions and good maps. It used to be 100% Free Op updated.
  8. Bump. Half my images magically killed themselves but it should still be possible to follow this guide. Also I think that they translated some of the key bits from German to English. Anyone want to play?
  9. My brother screamed at the television after Jon punched him: "THAT'S RIGHT YOU SMARMY CUNT, YOU DESERVE TO BE PUNCHED IN THE FACE" It was a proud moment.
  10. I've got all these ready to watch, could be fun to run through the entire quadrilogy.
  11. What's the main difference with this and something like h1z1 king of the kill?
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