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  1. Any suggestions for other games? I've been burned out on this game as well. My lost enthusiasm for PW has made me pay less attention to the community on Discord and I've drifted away. Would love to have another game to complain about.
  2. I'll take Bradley and McMaster, with Squeegee as the child.
  3. Ren

    ToS Change

    Chop off a leg and count the rings.
  4. Wait... Squeegee is King? What happened to Cody?
  5. This is just an elaborate ploy to get us to check the forums more frequently! Wake up people! I'm in.
  6. Are our smallest getting Eskimo aid as soon as new cities can be built? We shouldn't have many with fewer than 9 or 10 cities already.
  7. Ren

    Game update

    I've maxed my steel and uranium production. I produce 930 steel and 230 uranium per day now. Unfortunately, now I'm hemorrhaging coal, iron, and food. I'll gladly barter uranium and steel with the bank or other SK members for those materials.
  8. Now we're stuck as the Westrosi Republic. I bet you feel real dumb now. Gotta buy a new URL. Gotta ditch the King and Small Council model and hold actual elections (can't call ourselves a republic and not be one.) All the pips and graphics need to be changed. Kastor is a classless pile of garbage. Do you really think he's going to roll over and give us our name back? Don't half-ass a prank, or you'll get got
  9. Ren

    Blitz Check-In

    Of course I'll be around. Are we flexing the target list so that as we build up, folks aren't moving out of attack range of their targets? In our last offensive war, I had like 3 targets, but last minute build up pushed me out of range to hit any of them.
  10. Welcome to Sheepy's busted game. Be sure to get some of your own ships down when you can. The contents of the bank are around, so let someone know if supplies are needed.
  11. Gandalf, just to clarify, if a killer is role blocked, do you report that as an attempt, or only when only when the target is healed or immune? (Asking because there was some confusion after night 1, when I was alive, about whether or not killers were role blocked by Bran or Robin. And now, an attempt was made with no doctor.)
  12. Aww that's disappointing. I wanted to see some hot poison action. What are these fonts you're using?
  13. until
    Join us for a few "friendly" games of Town of Salem! http://blankmediagames.com/TownOfSalem/ PM Clover on Discord if you want to join in!
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