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  1. This is just an elaborate ploy to get us to check the forums more frequently! Wake up people! I'm in.
  2. Gandalf, just to clarify, if a killer is role blocked, do you report that as an attempt, or only when only when the target is healed or immune? (Asking because there was some confusion after night 1, when I was alive, about whether or not killers were role blocked by Bran or Robin. And now, an attempt was made with no doctor.)
  3. Aww that's disappointing. I wanted to see some hot poison action. What are these fonts you're using?
  4. until
    Join us for a few "friendly" games of Town of Salem! http://blankmediagames.com/TownOfSalem/ PM Clover on Discord if you want to join in!
  5. Lol good job guys. Random votes, investigative roles not sharing info, and I'm assuming Bran and Robin didn't repeat their targets from the previous night like I suggested. I could have used my double vote to lynch whomever I wanted to, but I chose to be fair and force ties when no leads were on the table. If people don't start discussing and claiming roles, this game will take forever and not be fun. Get engaged! Also, experience and intuition make me think that Brooklyn is not a good guy. I nearly had him lynched yesterday, but I wanted to be sure. Do what you want with that information! Good luck!
  6. Wat. I lived? Yay! Folks should block and jail the same people as last night and see if we get duplicate results.
  7. Happy Birthday, Ned Stark!

  8. Word is no attempts were made. So they were either roleblocked, in jail, or forgot to vote. Folks might want to consider re-blocking their targets from last night, then possibly revealing tomorrow who they blocked if there are still no kills. Revealing with a solid lead when there is still a doctor and jailor to protect you is usually a safe bet.
  9. Really? 2 killers out there and both whiffed it? Anyone have any leads yet?
  10. Nice try Jean, but we're on to you.
  11. I'm here to shoot guns and eat cake. Also, your form link is weird.
  12. Ren

    SK Anniversary

    Needs a cover photo. Learn to calendar. 4 stars
  13. Ren

    Happy Leif Erikson Day!

  14. Ren

    Happy New Year!

    Let's hope this year is better than the last!
  15. Today we celebrate the anniversary of the merger of The Blackstone Commission into SK. The union occurred on 4/27/14, and SK gained some of its smartest and most attractive members.
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