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  1. Welcome back. I'm sure an admin will be by soon to help you out
  2. I've been on here once or twice ya.
  3. No longer have time to play the game and just can't keep up with all the discord notifications and all that. Love you guys to death and I'll always be around to play Dota
  4. All sounds good to me. Clovers the bomb and Mikeys great for FA.
  5. I'm all for this, I think that papered will make it a much more well defined effort. If our goal is to show up with a strong blitz the best way we do that is with strong allies. I think people trust papered a little bit more, at least I always have. And I think that signing treaties, opening consistent planning and discussion with allies, and making sure we prepare properly for an offensive will lead us to coordinating a much better blitz that can wow people. I also think that leaving the sphere once we've finished the war to open ourselves up to new options would be a great position to be in. I think the goal here should be using this as a short term plan for long term gain.
  6. A great number of strong alliances are born out of mutual respect from meeting on the battlefield.
  7. CoS, and even TKR to an extent are strong definitely competent allies. My point was pointed towards outside alliances and worrying about global opinion. I think the advantages from a move like this for our alliance in the long term are tremendous right now. We're ahead economically after a prolonged war and can use this as an opportunity to push ourselves a few steps forward in terms of overall alliance tier. Drop more dead weight, and create a lean singular and well stocked fighting force would be my personal favorite game plan, once achieved we would have a swath of options in terms of allies and potential targets.
  8. Solid idea, especially with limited newer members coming in this provides us with an excellent opportunity to put all our nations on the same tier since we're financially pretty good right now as well. That allows us to also be an extremely effective force against any hegemony by knocking out the entire top tier of an coalition with just SK. Could care less as to who the allies are, they serve multiple purposes for us regardless of how it makes us look. Who cares what they think when they can't beat us on the battlefield.
  9. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XNkKPfjDquOnsT_zOFzY6bOFhjRQn0Agr57GA1Sp3BI/edit?usp=sharing Rollout Plan: Each of you has been assigned a squad on the masterdoc sheet. You are the leader of this squad but are not a member of it. We will operate as an independent force, after some looking at old war stats and some experience on the test server I strongly believe that harnessing our ability as a easily mobilized force is the most optimal thing we can do, trust me I'm a Dota player Objective 1: The first objective is to fix the warchest situation. I think our WC system is perfectly fine and we just need to ensure that every member is at standard. If someone refuses, it wont be as effective. A strong army such as this is a much more imposing force than one that just bought up for a war a few days prior. That may mean a few weeks lost revenue but I think that stagnant time is much more beneficial in the long run, which I think the current FA climate lends itself to us looking at as a goal. Once we achieve objective 1, hopefully within a months time, the #milcom team and I will be doing another round on the war test server, this time with some bugs fixed and a strong plan going in with the experience we gained last time. I think this will give me more information on any further steps we might want to take.
  10. 6 Gov members, 6 groups, easy. If you can find someone to Baron for you then do it, otherwise, you're in charge of your group.
  11. Here's how the current system would work in war time. SC discusses strategy comes up with plan, I hand out plan to all my "Barons" they prep their squads, SC decides time/day to execute, hand out day/time to Barons, execute plan. Also we could have all groups on Discord in the SK server and have one of us in each chat so that we can make sure they're on the right track. Also we could just assign each gov member a squad that they are not a part of themselves but they manage. There's enough of us and enough groups.
  12. They've been ordered by number of cities. I think it's pointless to spread out gov members, we're one of the most cohesive units in SK communicating multiple times a day. We should capitalize on that.
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XNkKPfjDquOnsT_zOFzY6bOFhjRQn0Agr57GA1Sp3BI/edit?usp=sharing Squads that can also be turned into econ groups if needed. Each group will need someone to volunteer as a "Baron" or w/e to be my point of contact for those members. The military goal combines with the economic goal, bring each squad onto the same combat level, and ensure that everyone has the correct standing forces and WC. I will be redoing WC, making it easier for lower nations to reach, and bigger for larger nations. The reality is that smaller nations will get dogpiled and shit on in wars much faster. My suggestion would be having each squad provide some rss to the squad above them, and during war time that squad above them is required to help them out with rss and money. On the test server I want to try out some actual war tactics, as well as coordination with these squads. I'm hoping to get 10 people signed up so we can have 2 squads fighting each other to practice these things a bit more. tl;dr: Squad master doc link at the top, squads = econ groups, squads need a leader and can work together, test server war practice.
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