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  1. I just defeated a crusade for Andalusia.
  2. The coalition was negotiating a white peace thing, it seems. I was gone yesterday, so i'm not sure of the details. But to have us peace out and leave our allies hanging while they were in peace talks, with MilCom, FA, and the appointed contact with the coalition uniformed? So that I got to find out when our allies came to me demanding to know why we'd taken individual peace when the coalitions were both at the bargaining table and no one was being stubborn? Fuck that shit. That's why I resigned. We don't fuck over allies. Fucking disgraceful.
  3. As soon as we're at peace, I'm resigning both from the Small Council and this alliance. See y'all on the flip.
  4. Message I got from Partisan.
  5. Logs with Partisan from today. Please contact him and talk to him.
  6. So this stuff about us hitting the NAC: That's the sorta thing that should be posted about here. So I can answer questions from our members and coalition-mates. Because I have no idea what's going on there.
  7. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey, update this thing. Where do we stand in the war? How's our war efforts going? Anything the coalition's asking of us?
  8. Just starting this so I can pass along requests and chatter I get while I'm online and y'all aren't. Feel free to do the same, and keep each other in the loop, so we can all answer intelligently when we're asked questions.
  9. I like your name. That alone should be enough to get you masked.
  10. Tzimisce are the best. Mine used dick-rifles to throw acid grenades at people. And also made squittens (squid-kitten hybrids) with acid pouches. Hands down the most fun Clan.
  11. Wilhelm! You need to be more active on IRC! How can anyone take us seriously if we only have some fake Aussie representing us?! Also, hello. Traitor. D=<
  12. Yes. Come and worship at my altar.
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